What if its all a dream?

  As I walked to the school gate this morning,I hoped to get a bus to take me in before I exert all my energy on walking. As I wondered who thought it was a good idea to schedule two papers for the same day,I was blinded by my frustration, anxiety and by the sleepless nights that preceded this morning. Why do I deserve to go through this much stress? In my gloom, I saw a figure standing before me, tugging at my shirt to get my attention . A second glance at the figure revealed a little girl of about 6 or 7... She seemed so innocent but looked so wild. I could see that face that, for hunger, would have been beautiful. All of a sudden I forgot my worries . All that mattered was the little beggar by the road side asking me for her daily bread. Make no mistakes;she is always at the gate and each time I give her money or ignore her,I see the same face.
 This morning it felt so different. The look in her eyes bore a hole in my thoughts. She left me thinking about what was real. What if my life was just a dream and I am actually just a little girl begging for alms by the road? What would you do if you found out that your reality: your achievement, rejection,success, failure is in fact just a dream? What would you do differently if you have not actually lived the life you are living and you have to live it again? What would you not change for anything in the world?

Tnx for the idea Danladi. I hope I did justice to it 


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