Hello! blog fam! I think I need pictures to show how serious I am about this issue. This is not a joke and it keeps happening so I decided I would share a few picture ideas I find pretty annoying.

Bathroom picture: its usually posted by girls(u go to d restroom of one very posh restaurant,and then you think "ohh y don't I just snap pictures by the mirror, I would do my mouth like a ducks', I might even try snapping my behind as well as my face at the same time")really?

Scenery: ohh! look dats a nice tree!lemme snap it,slam a filter on it then post it on IG...if I want to see trees I would go to the farm!

Kissing couple : bae! let's jam our mouth together, snap and post it online, so the whole world will see that we are so crazy in love.

Bar: don't just don't ...I don't understand what people think of before they snap this pictures... "Lemme snap this bottle of champagne because I used the whole of my salary to buy it" ..."then post it on IG because that's how I ball" .

FOOD: even though most of the pictures of food I see usually leave me wishing I could download food online, I don't just see the point .Nobody cares about what you had for breakfast or how you like your ice-cream.

CAR: don't snap your car people, and I didn't put this on the list because I don't have a car.

Concert : don't snap concert picture...apart from the facts that we would only be able to see heads and its won't be clear...its not just cool!

And that is how Pheezy sees it!

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  1. Pretty sure u do one of d above...I hate d tongue-out picture most though...ain't no nicca wanna see your tongue except they goin right where he wants em ;)

  2. It makes girls look very ugly...y would you post a picture where u look like an imbecile.

  3. Hahaha I agree with everything on the list but the scenery part. Nature us beautiful and sometimes you just wanna capture that beauty. Just don't abuse it by snapping what's not worth capturing. Lol

  4. Am sure anytime you snap trees or flowers u just skip the picture every time you want to check ur pictures


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