Thursday, 24 September 2015

Salon shenanigans

You see I have never been able to plait hair and it just kills me every time. While I was growing up, I was really interested in the hair style ladies make... To me it's like rocket science, my mother however had a stereotype that she believed in strongly and according to it every hair dresser was a prostitutes and she is not party to her only daughter been one.
        A lot of hairdressers I know have debunked this theory but it still beats me every time I go to a salon and hear a grown woman saying things that should not even be said by a man with pride. Boasting about things they should be ashamed of.  Their was the case of a young lady who felt it was wise to tell everyone who cared to listen that she would have been married if her fiance did not meet a naked man in her room. Now that's not the crazy part(she actually blames her problem on her boyfriend "why did you not call earlier?"). Months ago I was with my mum in a salon and this woman who should be about 50 - 55 started talking about her daughter.  According to her, her daughter had just finished from a private university and she also happens to be pregnant.  Due to this development she decide to organise an introduction between her family and that of the guy(baby daddy)  Introduction went on well.  And her daughter started living in the guys house.  However the baby daddy began to keep late night and the wife later found out he was cheating on her. When she discovered this, she promptly told her mother and here comes the bomb(this 50 something years old 'responsible'  woman thought the best things for them to do was to go fight the girlfriend!) Now which type of mother advises her daughter to fight not to talk of cook up the idea?  Now which type of mother advises her daughter to fight not to talk of bring the idea?... Now the story didn't end there.  She fought the girl and was arrested by the police because of her son-in-law's testimony. Now I don't know if she lied or not but can you follow any one to fight(literally) for her man?
P. S: so sorry for going MIA without prior notice... It's exam time.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Sex education or sermon

Contrary to the opinion of most people that know me, I like to make sense sometimes. I get this look when I express myself to people (it's a mixture of surprise and envy).How people see you and think they have seen the best of you(she doesn't use big words she most be stupid, how about she wants to be understood?). In their head you have been suppressed to 'other' because they don't believe you can be better than them(am talking about the so called people of God here).

        So yesterday discussion was on premarital sex and illegitimate children.  We all know  fornication is a sin(according to the Bible and even though I have not read the quran I think it would be present too.  Now the holy books are against it but still 'we' fornicate and the worse part is most of the people that get pregnant are the church girl. I remember when I was in part one, there was a girl who did not hide her feelings about seeing a boy talk to a girl at night. (you know that angry jesus Babe who terms you a sinner because you hugged a male friend for a little longer than conventional)  according to her we were all unbeliever.  I couldn't bottle my excitement when I found out she gave birth after the asuu strike. I was not sincerely happy for her. I was just happy to know who the unbeliever is Because I know pregnancy is not airborne and people don't accidentally fall on the male reproductory organ. 
  Now my point is, I understand the place of the Bible In teaching young adult to abstain from sex. Now what about that 4 year old girl that you left alone with your brother's wife sister's son... Can u guaranty her safety? What did u tell that little girl that just started menstruation(did you make sure she gets all the answers to her questions from you without you starting a sermon? Sure we pray for our children, But remember heaven helps those who help themselves.  It is your God given right to pray for this child.  But get through to her or him earlier...  Tell nobody must touch her 'pepe'  or whatever name you gave their sensitive parts.  They might not understand why but they would know mummy said no..  Don't put all your responsibility on God expecially something you can handle yourself.        Censor what they watch on the TV. Make sure you see even cartoon before they do.  Don't allow any one call your child iyawomi (my wife)... Now I know some people are thinking... What does she know about been a mother but before you judge me remember I was once a child (still one) and believe it or not I know.
       I believe in the power of prayer but educate your child on sex.

 P. S.  sorry for not posting anything yesterday... I was offline...  Please drop your  comments on the discussion.  Do you think parents should educate their children on sex or should they leave everything in God's hands...  I have two electives to write today( one on law and the other on drugs)  wish me luck... Love you guys, and stay blessed.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

I know who I am

I am a fertile field. My tender heart is softly turned soil that awaits the seed.  I carry the potential of massive reproduction. My mind is the incubator of dreams and the womb of greatness. I am irrigated when in love and dehydrated when hurt. I am enriched by those who love me and stripped by those who abuse me. Those I touch would dine on my harvest. I am the end of someone's famine. I am a garden, I am the place where hunger is satiate. I am a place where thirst would be quenched. I am the place where rich soil will produce fertile food and lives are richer because of me.  I am a garden I am the focal point of those who love me and the absolute envy of those who don't.
P. S.  Which face do you prefer pheezy with makeup or  clean face pheezy.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Setting personal boundary

Today post have been in my jotter forever...  Been going through my older stuffs and I found some blog worthy posts there...  That should make up for the days we would loose due to my exams.  And new DIY coming up very soon and thinking jewellery this time around(if am able to get the material I need in ife, no sew just a Lil bit of wire work 'n pearl 'n a Lil knowledge of weaving for the other). I have two necklace ideas that would totally look fab...  Soon we would dedicated one day in two weeks to a fab DIY post...  For now a  saving up for a camera.  In the meantime enjoy today's post(if I don't get d material here by the time I need it, I might just do an hair band tutorial, cut for your natural hair and at no cost too. .  Now be good if you can't be good be careful.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Keeping my man by FEYISAYO FAMAKINDE

Lying in my bed and wondering why i deserve all this
So i wake up one day and reality just makes us meet each other,i like to think that i like the symbol and epitome you represent so i tend to offer my solidarity in an attempt of making you stay or rather knowing you will be there always for me and in an exchange you also expect likewise from me. After sometime am expected to rely my whole universe on you,allowing this feeling to encompass me that i forget i exist just to see that my sole role is to make you happy no matter what.
I try to do this for sometime but then i feel am getting choked up or rather drowning but just to make you stay i just have to keep up like am hung on cocaine or something similar
What have come to realise is that am no God nor Robot,there are times the last thing i would wanna see is your face and there are times the only thing i want around me is you. To have the best of this two am expected to suck up to your command but I swear have had enough,the voices in my head are getting so much louder,I cant even breathe and amazed as to why i still stay
So have made my decision,i would rather get the feeling of the chaotic heartbreak than to latch on to this feeling that have been made to believe will make me whole and sound no matter what,have had a taste of it and i swear it's bitter sweet but i don't want it no more cause all have learned is that this feeling called Love is overrated

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Into depression

Unlike everyone else that was ever depressed I had no reason to be.  My depression was not out of extreme sorrow or loose, I guess I just got bored along the way.  I no longer had that thrill of getting a new toy or the Joy I felt when I make something new and I can't wait to rub it in everyone else face.  The rain drops on the window pane were no longer racing car the just look like ordinary water.  I could not ride my mummy "ajase"  like a car anymore.  I no longer saw life from the eyes of a kid. 
I was an adult, I now understand people do no come back after they are kept in the box.  Kenny did not travel abroad she died over 27 years ago.  It's like a new form of awakening almost rude.  I could no longer live in the fantastic world I built. I Began to know things, I understood, I forgot my toys and buried myself in books for a while they seem enough. Everything I knew I learnt from books(you are to wipe from front to back, a guy touching me would not get me pregnant, it is normal for a girl to bleed a couple of days in the month, I have to fight for myself and if my husband beat me my brothers will leave him for dead under a tree with ripe fruits ready to fall)I read in every language I understood or read the picture when words fail. soon the thrill that came with books vanished and then I searched  for another hobby to give me the spake I got the first time I met books...  But I saw non.  The frustration crept in,  a feeling of emptiness.  Everything became annoying.... There is a knock on the door am angry.  I get angry when I hear people munch their food, why did the car owner use the horn,  why don't you keep your leg off the floor,  shift the pen to the left just a Little bit,  can you stop singing, would you just shut up.!  Before I knew it my head was far up my ass, I was neck deep in the murky water called depression...  How I despised phone calls...  Should I do drugs? I know it's bad but it seems like a good idea. It's not like I can afford real drugs it's just weed....  After all its natural.  I already used it in my cream, why don't I put it in the noodle,  what's the worse that can happen. 
        Now if u ask me if am happy or if I have the spark I go from reading In writing absolute nonsense about myself for the consumption of people who may or may not care.  I would say yes today but ask me that same question tomorrow.
     I have however learnt things would not always go my way I might not always be happy but What matters is am alive, I have beautiful skin, a nice hair, I still cry every time I listen to worship songs, I have people who look up to me,  I have friends who tell me 'fisayo you are wonderful'  with expecting anything, I have brothers that adore me,  father who practically worships me,  mother who prays for me and a God who is ever faithful.  Because of all this I am grateful. 

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Leggings refashioned to swimsuit

Remember that DIY I promised... Well here it is.  I was able to finally sew it last Friday even though I started the process about two weeks ago.  I really need to stop procrastinating... What matters now is it is done 'n has been worn... It did not come out as good as I envisioned it but I would be sewing it again... Making the top closer this time around.

What you would need
Sewing materials(needle 'n thread or a sewing machine)
What you need to do
1. Get you leggings make sure it's in good condition(you don't want a torn leggings, I use one lycra leggings I bought at a thrift stop. I got it for # 500)
2.You would need a short to measure the length of the short you would be comfortable with(fold your legging as if you want to iron it 'n place the short on it... Cut cut cut) 

3.You would have three parts...  the short 'n two legs (cut d ankle band on both legs.) 

4. Sew the widest part of both legs to the waist band of your short (and voila you are done.)  you u have little cloths and you might not be able to tire your top at d back just make sure it's your accurate size and sew the free side together in such a way that it would be able to go over your head conveniently and the "girls" will be safe.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Guess who is back... This girl?

Holla everyone pheezy is back....  Tired,  hungry but back. I have caught up on everything I have missed on blogville which is a lot! A big thank you to everyone that wished me success and those who checked on me. You are a blessing .... Now I get the reason we sing this song " some have food but cannot eat, some can eat but they have no food"  you should know that song if u went to a Nigerian secondary school with boarding house .