That awkward moment

 Awkward silence:
You are talking to your date. The conversation suddenly comes to a crossroads and no one knows where to steer it . the silence has become very uncomfortable. Worst of all, you were the last person to speak, so your date thinks the awkwardness is your fault.
The Solution: Sudden, loud noise,hum a song.
          .  .   *    *     * .  .
Inappropriate small talk:
You are having a great time, talking loudly, You are soaring on wings of confidence. You get a little too bold. Something offensive slips out(you tell you friend u can't stand fat people even though you know she is a size 12).
Now everyone is staring at you and your confidence implodes like a punctured balloon. Suddenly you can't find anything to say. You are nothing. You are dirt. Your soul is soaking up shame like a sponge and you are beginning to weigh the value of your friendships against the magnitude of your embarrassment.
The Solution: commence operation Confuse or redirect
         .  .  .   *    *     * .  .
Getting caught staring:
Sometimes you are ogling a pretty girl, sometimes you are trying to get a better look at a disabled person and sometimes you are just spacing out and your eyes happen to be pointing directly at someone.
Whatever the case, when you are caught, you will feel shame something really cool or petend you are blind

              .  .   *    *     * .  .
Responding to someone who isn't talking to you:
cute guy: how are you
Pheezy: am fyn
(Both cute guy and cute girl now steers at pheezy)
The Solution:You have several options
1. Start using ur responds to sing
2. Pretend as if u are on the fone
3. Dig up the ground and bury urself alive.

What is the most awkward situations you have been in  and what did you do about it...If you have an awkward moment story send it to my email address.


  1. Tnx anon...u can sign your name after ur comment so we can interact more. Tnx for checking

  2. Cooking veg in my bf's sister's house and mistakenly made it a little salty... Was really embarrassed cos of how high I believe in my culinary skills so I had to call & tell everyone what I did so eventually when she tells them I won't feel as embarrassed as I was anymore... #AnAwkwardMoment

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  4. Some many awkward moments though... It gone worse when you just laugh at something you remember and everyone thinks you’re hearing voices in your head... **Azimutal

  5. That moment you tell a story that's supposed to be funny to a group of friends and they end up not laughing...

  6. Been fact am still there...tnx for the comment dear


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