Memo of me :Dyslexic or unmotivated

 Raise of your hands if u have seen "like stars on earth"... Put ur hands down...for those that didn't raise their hands u should see that movie... Its an Indian movie about a boy that was finding it difficult to read or write, according to him the letters were always dancing...
  The movie made me remember a younger me. When I was a kid,I had the worst hand writing(I still do,I used my writing book till j.s.s3), I just don't understand my queen premier, math was a big problem for me. The only period I enjoyed primary school was when I was in kindergarten(jelosimi) and that's because the only thing we did was sleep,play and sing.
  After school hours was the worse period of the day, because I would have to do my assignments,the morning of school days was a different ball game (I made it my duty to show everyone I meet on the road I was forced to go to school)I became a charity case, women would give me money or biscuit when they see me throw my tantrums.
    The turning point for me however was when I attended a wedding. I don't have a very vivid recollection of that day but I was the lil bride. I loved the attention showered on the bride then I decided I don't need to go to school, all I need do was to marry a fine husband and everyone would be happy with me,I was furiously happy. After the couple exchange their vow, all hell broke loose in my head, I could not believe what was happening(it was time to sign the marriage certificate)my lil mind thought the wife was taking some kind of english test,I lapsed into a full-scale psychological meltdown. My collective frustrations burst forth from my tiny body like bees from a nest that had just been pelted with a rock. I have no choice than to learn how to write.
   Not long after the wedding incident, I began to perform well in my exams,soon I didn't need help with my assignment. I did my common entrance exam when I was in primary 4 .
    Now am confused was I dyslexic or just unmotivated? And guys were you brilliant right from the beginning or was 2+2 =22 for a while like in my case. let's talk!


  1. In my case, I tink I needed competition nd wen I got dat in JSS3, I became really serious in school. Nice one dear.

  2. Handwriting for the gods....Hian!!!

  3. Loool you were just unmotivated. And yes I've seen Like stars on earth several times. Makes me cry. I just hope more Nigerian parents are aware of dyslexia and look for proper was to help the child instead of just assuming he or she is just throwing tantrums.

  4. I cry every time I see that movie too...tnx for the comment dear


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