Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The beautiful ones are here

Is it just me or are baby coming out of the womb looking hot nowadays. When I was younger I was accustomed to babies looking like mashed potato or cake mix all soft and amoeba looking on the first day (you know that time when the grandma try to help the baby's life by compressing his heads and maybe bore holes in his checks

Thursday, 30 June 2016

The God of small things

It seem like my birthday this year is going to be one of the worse birthdays in the history of birthdays ....things did not work out as I expected them to(coming from someone whose idea of celebration birthday is disappearing throughout the day and getting back when no one is around, this years seems like its a predicted end of the world .... I hope things look up by monday# I need money.

Monday, 25 January 2016

The worth of 500naira

So, yesterday I took a girl out on a date and after
we finish eating, I went to pay for the food we
ate, the waiter didn't have 500 naira change to
give me. I asked the girl to sit let's wait for the
waiter to go look for change, and surprisingly she
said I was embarrasing her, that I should act like a big boy and leave the change for the waiter...
Is she crazy ni?
Is she madt ni?
Does she know the things 500 naira can do? I
guess she doesn't .
Well, let me highlight few of the things 500 naira
can do incase she doesn't know...
500 naira can buy you 5 loaves of bread and two fishes, if you are lucky to have Jesus around, you will feed 5000 people... Is that the money she want me to leave?
Sardine= N150, indomie (hungry man size) = N100, 2 eggs = N60, plastic Coke = 100. Total N410, and you say 500 naira na small money?
500 naira that I'll use to buy 3 albums & good earpiece?
Rice N100, beans N50, meat N100, plastic malt N100 and remaining 150 to play Nairabet,...and she say 500 naira na chicken change? I swear she no well
Half carton of Indomie sef is N500 naira shey u know?
 Do you know how many players Arsene Wenger of Arsenal will buy with 500 Naira?
The most annoying thing is that its possible that this girl has never given 500 naira offering for church o .
See, on a serious won't know the value of 500 naira, untill you borrow 500 naira credit from MTN and you have to pay back.    


the rich beggar(i didn't know the title to use)

In case you see me ignoring a begger, just know its because of this post I read on BMF( laziness wouldn't allow me put a clickable link. I would update the blog later am in my film class right now( Oct 1st).this post is the "yea! I got a new phone but don't tell my mom post". Y'all have a nice Monday...

Monday, 11 January 2016

Getting comfortable with been uncomfortable

 So am in school already, its as boring as school obviously, but my belovers are around sha and lil sis will be here by tuesday plus I have plenty meat( I will start my vegetarian resolution when this meat finishes and does anyone know where I can order/buy tofu??).

Saturday, 9 January 2016

It's the begining of the end

 Hello people of God, how una dey. is it obvious in my "voice" that am happy? Well I am happy. Its finally resumption time, am excited because it means I should graduate soon but on another note am not because I have to start cooking my own food or stay in my friends place and complain about her cooking( if she cooks). To be honest the cooking thing is one of the reasons am not getting married anytime soon, that and the fact that every guy I meet is not good enough, I can't even keep a relationship on a game, game characters break up with me(if you play STARDOM you would know what I mean, its a virtual world, where I have over 200million fan and 5 ex boyfriend, I even tried dating girls.) Life can be so tough sometimes, so this year I have decided to change my ways, not minding the fact that last year was last week. Anyways am enjoying my life now that I can, my boyfriend wish list is over the top, I have a lot of specification I pity myself, according to my mum soon the list will be just one word "breathing".... I definitely won't date someone whose breath stinks just because he is rich( apart from the fact that my super power is smelling things, I would not survive the relationship) I would probable die of bad breath from my spouse mouth( or how do you tell that handsome guy who meets all your criteria to try brushing his teeth? Oh I know! Maybe I would tell him to try tasting my paste and then get a toothbrush for him at my place.) But why on earth will a "big boys" breath smell? Especially when he claims to like kissing, ewwww.

      So I have decided to start writing about my relationship. Past, present and future. I would not write it in totality but I would write so you get the idea of what I mean, the character in my stories although real would be giving fictional names based on their character. I don't want to make elaborate plans because I don't know what would happen tomorrow but I would update you as the spirit leads.( The stories might or might not follow a particular order)      

I wouldn't be very regular here until I get me a new phone or device a means to blog, until then keep on keeping on .

Monday, 4 January 2016

how old does he have to be

 Holla my people, how una dey? Yass... Was going on(in my american accent). Fisayo has been very good o... You know how it is now, different day with different expenses, my good phone spoilt on the first of january, am still sad, I actually had plans to change it( but it was still a plan) I was not ready to implement it yet,I actually had plans to buy a camera, a laptop and a computerized sewing machine, so a phone was so at the bottom of my list, I would not have rejected it if I was given though. So am at a cross road, I either pretend I don't have a phone till my mum gets me one or I get myself a new phone out of my final year fund decision! Decision!! decision!!! but on another note this would be a great time to have like three to four sugar daddy so I can keep on smiling while they give me the feeding allowance and school fee meant for their innocent children. Then again let's not kid anybody there is no way in hell I would get a man to neglect is wife although I have grown a lot since I last penned something about my body size(we are getting there) my old friend see me now and go " fisayo you now have hips o!" I feel like am going through puberty all over again yes( this time with the change in body structure) I got it wrong the last time.
     So to the major reason for this post, it was on new year day(1st of january) when my little not so little brother told my mum the girl he said he was going to spend the rest of his life with broke up with him. According to her she couldnot waste her airtime to talk to him so she had to break up with him via text because she wanted nothing to do with him as she is a year older than him. Considering the fact that he actually talked about her to my mum, he really like her, so do you really thing age should be a problem when it comes to love, and if not how many years different do you think is okay.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

new year resolution

Hello ladies and gentlemen boys n girls, kilonsele kilon happen, how has the new year treated you so far, I hope its doing you well, it would be a great year for us all in jesus name. So... How many of us went to church, first sunday things, I just left church and it was packed, and my church is always over 90 percent capacity on the first sunday of every year, when its cross over night its almost over 200 percent, I was lapped during the cross over service for this year, it was definitely a first for me.

      So guy how has your new year resolution been going n how many have you broken. Maybe your new year resolution this year is to stop fornicating, you actually made the same resolution last year and the year before the last. Dont loose hope, you might stop this year. Personally i alway make a new year resolution to go to church every sunday every year, and to tell you the truth i have not been able to do that, but i noticed that i am getting better, i actually went to church for the better part of the year( so yea me!) I actually dont go to church most times because of the water works i call eyes, i cry along with every worship song, most of bruno mars song, taylor swift songs,romantic comedy and tragedy movies have seen, including those that dont even purge emotion( am starting to believe i need to see a therapist, if i can find one, maybe go under hyponosis)
... My new year resolution would be to make more money, be one with God in body mind and spirit, get a boyfriend and actually date him like a normal person and become a vegetarian . So yes those are my new year resolutions, what is yours?