Midnight Rant

 Good "midnight", Its 1:31am and am here,awake when every reasonable person is asleep or reading. I can't possible sleep sef its a friday night and my house is dangerously close to a night club. No! 2 night clubs, one is due to reopen next month. So am patiently awaiting dooms day. am just lucky dis friday is not vigil friday I would have died of migraine (they are 3 big churches around yours truly's house).
    Actually the beats and prayers are the least of my worries right now. My major problem is with my neighbors. They can curse for africa,if there was a cursing competition at the olympics they would be gold medalists. their curse is nowhere near normal(yes there is something like normal curse)day to day curse. Their own is matured, original yoruba people curse, the type babalawo dashes people. They don't even give hint that they want to start cursing so I would excuse myself at least. It happens over the most mundane things(yesterday someone took a carton and forgot to return it and it started raining hailstorm). I just have this crazy feeling that the curses are somewhere in our house, planning their attack on everything and person the house. I don't want anybody's curse to start following me like body guard, I have enough wahala already. Do you still think I should sleep? Its 2:01am already(my time).


  1. Lol I hope you went back to sleep. My own problematic neighbour wakes up at midnight and starts shouting and beating her maid. Once she starts, just know there's no sleep for you till she's done. Lol


  2. I went back to sleep. I slept so much I tot this morning is a sunday morning

  3. Hmmm, dnt just get me started. I slept by 3am, no lite nd d heat was hell. Chai! Hmmm. #shakeshead



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