Cold feet

 morning blogfam. How was yesterday and your night? I just woke up like 10minutes ago. I actually dreamt about Nigeria in the 70s(am not sure about the year) I could see a lot of team natural hair ,there was nobody with 100% human hair,no Nike eyebrow. My dreams usually appear real,attention to details and all ( it was even in black and white).
     Did I tell you guys I was supposed to go on a date yesterday? Like a date 'date', its like the second time I have been asked out on a date. The first time I was about 18years old, it was a valentine's day, I actually had like 3 dates that valentine's day, but I chicken out, I was so scared (what if they were serial killers or rapists), I was actually at my older men phase( that year every guy that ask me out was at least 20years older than I was ) I had to switch off my phone just because I didn't have the courage to cancel.
   Yesterdays date was actually supposed to be a pool side date, I was so uncomfortable wearing a bikini( that means I have to shave my legs) am not even comfortable been half naked with a guy I just met( I met him at the party I went to on saturday). He is so cute and he can dance . I guess I was just scared he wouldn't like me when we talk... Yes! that and the fact that I like to sleep more than I like to swim(I can't even swim).
    My friends believes all my excuses was just to shield myself from the real problem (I was scared he might actually like me enough to go on a second date with me). Why do you chicken out of dates? Do you think I should give him a shot? I don't want my skin to be used as a coat.(He might just be another serial killer).have a very nice day.


  1. Why poolside date? What happen to cinemas and fast food joints?. Guess your wld have been used as a coat lolz.

  2. I agreed with Gloria... Cinema, fast food joints is ok buh PoolSide date for the first time? Nah...I'm sure he's one of those guys :) *Azimutal

  3. If you are so scared, take a friend along...i agree with the other two,pool side first date is a wrong venue. you could pick the place where you are comfortable and tell him. all d best. pls visit

  4. the guy might be an angel who dont know.

    234 Jam Blog

  5. I don't think he is an angel @ Don osco
    I would follow your advice @ Gloria, Azimutal and Mahka

  6. Tell him you're not comfortable with a pool side date just yet. Go see a movie or go to the beach. That's safer and more neutral

  7. Tnx dear... I hope you are fine now and welcome back


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