Instagram username ideas, help a girl out.

   Since relinquishing my title as an active Literature student on the account of NASU strike and OAU mid semester break( I have been in that scHool for 4 years and this is the first time we would be asked to go home for this ridicules 'Mid term break'), I’ve been forced to make far more life decisions than I’m used to making. I have to decide what to eat for breakfast!, whether making my bed in the morning is responsible or ridiculous, and whether to brush my teeth with the brush and paste or just rinse with water. Most of the time, I think I make good decisions. I mean, sometimes I eat bread three days in a row and take coke as dinner… So as I said before, I’m making good decisions.
But to avoid making questionable decision that might ruin my cyber life, I have decided to besiege you to help me to choose a username for my instagram account.  
   I have finally given in to all the peer influence and decided to sign up on a site where I get to post ridiculous heavily edited pictures of me in ridiculous outfits(pictures that I would most likely take in front of my rich neighbour's gate, and expect people to like it because the whole world revolves around me.

    I have lined up a couple of names to be accessed by people that love me enough to not let me stay in the lower food chain. Now I don't want my instagram page to be an epic fail like my twitter page( I have only 3 followers and 2 of the account that follow me are/is owned by one person). Instagram most be perfect for me, because I want to make a career out of snapping my breakfast. Here are the names.
1). The first one is my super hero name . "Patty fierze". Because my name is patricia and am fierce(barely) its sound ridiculous in my head, but it guarantee my mum never finding me when she joins instagram.

2) . The second name is bringing out my movie loving side. " Achilles kryptonite"( that a mash up of achilles and superman)I have a crush on clark kent.

3). "Pinky" to start with I hate pink, but pinky sounded good on my head and he looks good on paper, but apart from its pleasantness I actually hate pink. So it would be better if I form a name out of purple or green, but they are all unprintable

4). ANONYMOUS... But that is like writing a letter to no followers. I actually like the fact that it is mysterious .

5 FISIfisi... It seem nice but... Cliche

6" @Mzpheezy " . Now that is the twitter name that failed me ... Planning on putting a twist on it. Tot of Sexymzpheezy but that would be false image(you and I both know am not sexy). Brainypheezy would put my pant on fire to. Crazypheezy sounds okay but it would not allow any of my instagram followers to toast me

7 "silverlines" that is from the powder I used in jss1 that year was one of the most facinating years of my life and the powder help me swim troubled waters freely(u got to be cute if you want a school mother.

8 " say cheese" I know the name is both ridiculous and cheesy. But I like it... Its me thinking outside the box ( and den again what is the box)

9 Orekelewa... I love that name, even though no one has called me that in a while, not even mama taye.

10 OLuwa pheezy... The name sounds cool. Those are my ideas( I can't help but imagine how annoying it would be living inside my head)

In the comment section... Biko tell me which of the names would make people not want to punch me in the face and which would earn me follower.


  1. @Mzpheezy: I think I love this the most... It keeps the identity for you up. Don't worry if it failed you on twitter, it wont fail you on Instagram, this I am sure.


  2. heheheheheheheheh ya just a Nut case oh Fisayo.. shey you sha know that one?! hehehehehe As i read along yeah.. Fragments of this post had me cover my face for you.. lmao... Kai Orekelewa... You ehn! So choosing if to or not to Brush wit paste is a ghen ghen decision.. may god help us oh! heheheh

    First off.... Like i used to Tell Ribena while I was Toasting her.. #NoPressure.. Instagram is both good and bad.. bad is it can make one feel less, and thats why i un-follow any single boRRy that intimidates me with their life and wealth.. Achievements inspire me yeah Fisayo, so i love seeing my peers sore and reading their ground breaking life tales in captions.. But Wealth Bullying is just wrong to me...

    Nextly... My Instagram is literally my Blog in picSHurs.. I mean EEz neFer that deep nah.. I was chatting with a beauRRiful friend of mine whose Father you definitely know and she is currently in Paris on Vacay.. She said i write too much in my caption.. and my reply to her was that cause I don't have a life to show off.. my caption aims at giving life to the picSHurs.. Baby mi.. I am not rich.. Buty i am young.. That shouldnt stop me from Living nah.. NoPressure...

    Hehehehe about the name.. I think i suggest @PheezyOreke.. I think it encapsulates what you are.. i.e A deep Yoruba name that tells a tale.. and a Brand that is growing at an Astronomical rate.. You go gurl.. Please if you can baby mi.. Follow me at ; @youngandconfused_byjdb... Ama follow you write back and we could Dance like no one is watching on there if you leRRus.. Cheers to happiness baby and not pressure.. and the crowd goes.. Yyyyyyeeeaaahh mehn!

  3. I will go for Mzpheezy. Try build your brand around the name "pheezy" . Even if you need to add to it.. Please come on Instagram and follow trendygloria.

  4. I will go for Mzpheezy if you like you can add a twist or better still leave it like that

  5. Mzpheezy is better.

  6. Ahahahahah you already know what goes on in the IG world. It's crazy menh. There are some names there that I believe if you try using am sure it will say it exists and you will be forced to add underscore to your own name

    Names like orekelewa, mzpheezy (plenty plenty Mz) on IG, pinky, Oluwapheezy etc

    Anyway, I would have gone for MzPheezy but I fear it might already exist so am going for the first "Patty fierce" cos it sounds unique and at the same time, fearful lolz

    E be like say I don dey turn to duru with this my typing

  7. Use your name lah....#nobiggie!

  8. I prefer Mzpheezy, Fisifisi is just like saying " Oya aboki put fisi for me"

  9. Use ur name dear.

  10. Itzphezzy ...try it

  11. You've taken the right decision for seeking opinion from people who are actually socially knowledgeable and to the best of my knowledge you've gotten the best advice so far.

    Just work with the one that has the highest suggestions but make sure whichever u are choosing sound sexy...bcos what sells now is SEX.

    My Lovers' Trick

  12. I prefer @MzPheezy very breezy name like the air and obviously cool...

  13. mzpheezy and oluwapheezy are actually not so bad. I like both of them....

  14. Use your name. Period!

  15. nice blog! now I 'm on google + , I hope you follow me back! Happy Weekend

  16. I'll be the weirdo to vote "anonymous" lol
    If you don't upload any selfies or face shots? It'll be the perfect account


  17. I'd vote for 6 and 10 but good luck!

    Do you have Bloglovin'?! Let's follow each other!

    xx Falasha
    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin'

  18. Lol you are too funny! I like the first.I don't have an instagram yet, people say I'm missing Thanks for visiting.

  19. Everyone seems to love mzpheezy so maybe that's the winner :) X


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