On money ritual

 To start with, I believe in extra terrestrial powers, I believe there are star gazer, I believe some set of people can look through a crystal ball and see a semblance of the future ,I have not met an exorcist before but I think they exist, I believe in witches and wizards( why won't I, I went to a federal school).
  Now here is what I don't believe in: During the election, I was stuck with a friend and the only tv channel available apart from one other crappy music station was african magic. I don't understand d problem with the service provider but am sure is a big one.
   Of all the movies I saw, there was a particular one that caught my attention. I can't remember the title but its about a guy plagued with bad luck and was told his mother is the cause of his predicament. Long story short he opted for money ritual.
   My toothache is the way the money magically appeared in his living room. I talked this over with an acquaintance and she said she has heard about this particular scenario and she believes some evil spirit brings mint 1000naira notes in the biggest ghana must go(sack bag: BAG/ SACK) they can purchase in the evil forest.
   What's your take on this issue,do evil spirit bring bags of money or not? I really need to know.


  1. I believe money ritual do exist, I believe in extra terrestrial powers buh I don't believe some evil spirit brings mint 1000naira notes in the ghana must go...**Azimutal

  2. hahahahahaha. Please my dear, dont just bother your pretty head with that matter, cos both of us will grow old before we understand matters of the supernatural.


  3. Azimutal why is ur comment always in spam? Are u a robot?

  4. The same question is on my mind too....*pensive*

  5. Dami. As pammie said we would grow old b4 we understand the supernatural world... That's if we do


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