Thursday, 12 November 2015

Things am grateful for :Gratitude challenge

holla everyone, clears cobwebs hope you are all good, Pheezy is sorry she disappeared without warning, Pheezy has been ill, but she is better now. while I was away I was nominated for a gratitude award by two of my favourite bloggers.  mimi of miimi's diary  , Pamela of  pam's crib  ...

Sunday, 1 November 2015

what would you do

holla! everyone, happy new month, I pray this month brings you all the good things you wish for(amen). in two months time we would be in year 2016.... am itching to be  there already but my greatest hope is in the wait for 2020 #vision2020.  anyways that been said make sure you go to a place of worship today (been the first Sunday of the month and all). .

    so back to the matter  and it's a serious matter now my question is (okay it's not that serious, we don't want to disappoint anybody now, do we?)  now to my question.  I was at the bank on Friday to register for my bvn(okay no bad eye,  I know am supposed to have done it bla bla bla  but what can I say I should collect an award for procrastination  and then again  this is Nigeria nothing ever ends except party rice)  back to what I was saying before the break in transmission, so I was at the bank, the customer care rep was attending to me. then this man came to stand in front of me.  I was looking at his feet,  as I raised my head up, the first thing that hit my eyes is his open zipper and the content of his boxer threatening to jump out.  remember we are at the bank and I sat opposite his crouch.  if you where in my situation what would you do?


you have two options to tell or not to tell.  tell him his zipper is opened, tell the man standing beside him or pretend you saw nothing.


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