8 characters you would meet in OAU

The S.U : these set of people are too spiritual,they are always praying and trying to impose their religion on others. They usually pray in weird places,I saw one guy speaking in tongues on ede road(main road) at 6am in the morning once. Sisters in this category are always judgmental (they see you talk to a guy hell is ur portion)and woe betide you if you miss sunday service

 THE STONER...most of them are guys,they are the ones that come to class with bloodshot eyes and always wear overdose of perfume just to cover up the stench of weed and alcohol...these set of people use 99% of their allowance on their struggle...they are very happy people so happy they can drink to anything:"oh buhari won the election!cheers drink to that", "its monday,cheers drink to that"

The Manwhore...these guys are always chasing skirt..they are usually lurking around females hostel...they are major shareholders in the catch them young ministry, they are usually stingy(that Awo guy that is never with his wallet anytime you pass beside the suya man).

The runs girl : These girls major ministry is in dating older men...if you mistakenly dial your father's number on her phone, you have to say hello and bye to half of ur allowance...they are never around on weekends,they don't have time for school party,and they are the ones who will always say they cannot date undergraduates

Gossips...these set of people are so annoying...they would want to know everything that is happening everywhere they go and are usually ready to disseminate information without you asking. They usually know who is dating who,who is pregnant and so on.

THE Geek...these set of people are usually the best in their field,they are always reading and they are well known by the lecturers ...they only hump in their back is their dressing, they have no fashion sense whatsoever...like one of my friends would say "they are still living in the past".remember that medicine and surgery guy that wears trousers he would grow into,with that brown shoe that looks like that of a fisherman? Yes! He is the one am talking about.

The Moneybag..these set are born with ruby and diamond spoons in their mouth,they have the best phones,shoes,clothes,the usually travel to exotic location during the holidays and most of the time have posh rides.

The lesbain/gay ...you know that guy that always wiggle his ass when he walks,snapping his finger, and has drama written all over him, this guys are usually rich and very nice. So girls make sure that you boyfriend's generous friend is not friends with him because of how nice his behind looks. Lesbian girls on the other hand are very hard to spot(that those not mean they are not around. The open lesbian are usually too showy about the whole thing and its so annoying

   I rest my case ...you can add yours in the comment box below. Till my next post, be breezy.


  1. Lol��....what about the gentle...the hybrid....the young men in old bodies...the f***ing retards...

  2. The celebrities.. you didn't mention that.. and also the English and Law students.. I think they are one hell of a group of people.

  3. the skirt on law girls is another thing entirely. I totally forgot about OAU celebrities. I don't think english student should av a group(and am not been partial) ...thanks for the comment

  4. I'm curious about the skirts on the law girls..... Are they too short or too long? LOL!!

  5. Its too short, if u look closely you would almost see their womb


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