Merrily happy Easter

 Morning blog fam... Hope your night was not like mine. Just stopped by to wish you "happy Easter".
 Its in quote because it didn't sound or look like something have heard before now. I feel easter celebration is so underrated, it doesn't come with all the fuss that come with christmas but again I think its better to celebrate birthday but death and resurrections seems pretty cool too.
   So dis is me saying enjoy your easter sunday and go to Galilee not a beer parlor( u remember Galilee right? Uhn? U do.) So have fun people and don't eat your share of the Easter chicken,send it to me,it would buttress our relationship. Remember the reason for the season and have a lot of fun. Enjoy your day and don't be like me. I would be stuck in my room all day.

P.S: dis note is not important,I wrote it because I don't have any other way to conclude this post without coming off as clueless.
    Where would you be this easter,do u still go to meet jesus at Galilee, or are u always at home like me. Which is your favorite Easter greeting "merry" or "happy".


  1. Church, work, home. that's where i spend the Easter. lolz

  2. Mine was from church to my house and later to my hairdresser place to make the most painful ghana weaving.


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