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 Hey guys! I just finished my exam( yea !)am happy but on another note am not very happy. Everything is so boring. At first my plans was to see movies for a week after the exam, I didn't even plan to read sign posts. Now plans have changed, they break is so short (2weeks break) and we are to start a new session. Its like there is no break at all( because part 1 students are resuming next week I guess)... I have not fully recovered. My voice is dry and broken, I have sharp headache like someone have decided to use my head as punching bag... Generally I have been feeling uninspired, I want to write something but I stop because I think I would never be good enough. I know its not cool to think like that but I also know such thoughts are just there to validate the fact that am human. I started this blog cos it gets boring writing in my diary, and most people I talk to don't really understand the way I think. I don't even think I think about the right things now, I over analysis things, I try to please everybody, I try so had not to get people angry, I get angry quicker than I used to and over the most stupid things... I don't even know if am making sense right now, and this post is just all over the place. In absentia of what to post, lemme just give you a recap of my weekend. I wrote my last exam on saturday morning, I went for a party same day till sunday morning( its my class party) so I had to drag my ill self there. I was quick to forget I was not feeling fine though and I had fun( I wish my mum would read this, so she would know am not anti social). sunday was just about laying around the place, just like a typical day in my life.
  I would continue my everyday blogging after this post so keep checking this space. Hopefully I would be able to tell you something really interesting.


  1. Lol your writeup made all d sense you can ever imagine. You are funny and original. Keep it up


  2. Congratulations on finishing your exams - how many A's should we expect?

  3. Congrats on ur exams dear, nd I'm glad u had fun in d party.


  4. Tnx Pam and calabar gal...am hoping for the best @ Calabar gal


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