Let's talk about abusive relationships

 holla blogfam...shey e wa alright? How una dey. Me am not alright, am feeling weak and tired and the doctor said its malaria without running any test whatsoever. All this 'paracetamol' doctors at the school health center, he gave me a whole lot of drug ,it was so many I was tempted to ask him if he wanted me to use them to kill myself. I really prefer injection to drugs so I doubt I would take any of the pills(am sure I don't have malaria). the only drug am digging right now is vitamin c.  
Today post is about the motive behind the little thingy that is my last post. It was motivated by one of my neighbors. lets call her "T", T is a fine girl, dark and tall, she has this model figure, T has a boyfriend, a short, fair, "just there" boyfriend. I don't have any problem with the fact that the guy is not fine, the problem is also not with the beating she receives from him. in fact I don't have any problem what so ever when its comes to their matter.
   I know I should be concern about her affairs at least(love your neighbor as your self), but what can little me do when the person with the problem is perfectly okay with the situation of things. Now my question is ,why do women allow themselves to be in abusive relationships? I would understand a little if she was married and she had children, you know the usual "I don't want my children to suffer" excuse. But this is not the case.
  My mum says it laziness,that makes a woman stay in an abusive relationship but that premise only accounts for women with no job and those that have really rich partner. Why do other women stay?


  1. Dey are scared of d unknown. Dey use dis anoyin term of d devil u knw is beta dan d angel u dnt knw. Biko, wen did d devil become beta dan an angel? Generally, dey r just scared.


  2. I agree with you girls. It's a very bad thing for a guy to beat a woman, such a man is a coward...not trying to prove a blameless guy, buh I could remember I beat my 11yr old cousin(girl), she did a very wrong thing and I felt ashamed after I was done beating her, had to apologize again.


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