My favourite delta boy

  the geography of your face... the scratchy beauty of your voice... the liquid gurgle of joy that is your laughter.
In some of my memories, you are magical,someone made especially for me, for now...a creature of joy and tears and pleasure and pain... to whom no feeling that comes naturally is excessively restrained
In other memories, you are quite ordinary... an ordinary guy from an ordinary place... who looks, thinks and acts... ordinary.
Mentally, I pick you apart trying to understand what exactly it is about you...
Your gentle spirit? care in a way that doesn't leave any room for doubts, any other opinion... others.
Your joy of expression?...that you don't hesitate to tell me anytime, anyday ... anyplace.
That you'd stop in the middle of a conversation and hold me like I have the key to your salvation...the fact that in those moments you don't quite feel so nice or pure... more like turmoil and anger and stark reality.
My feelings about this might change in a day or a week or a month, but for now I'm happy with this moment, you... now.
Happy birthday to my favourite delta  boy.


  1. Hmmm happy birthday to your favorite Delta boy

  2. Great stuff, and happy birthday to the lucky chap!

  3. Aww.. I love this! How do you feel about him, u didn't say ooh.... add that part I want to hear
    Nice template.

  4. Am confused about that part myself Rella, Am just keeping an open mind for now


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