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 Bless me father for I have sinned. Its been forever since my last confession. I have not been to church in 3months, the last time I went was on cross over night, I didn't even observe lent. (Whew!) Confession is hard o, but I really need to start going to church, jesus is coming soon.
   So I finally left my room today to go to my mumsie place of work( yes I still follow my mum to her office/store) am not proud of myself but as I no come get work nko ? The office thing ehn I don't think I would go tomorrow, the place is boring, all this old women were just rubbing my head, calling me different kind of names," Abigael", "okanlawon", "baby of the house"," sisi mi", "my dear", "omo mummy", "iyawo" , the name plenty. I would have endured the naming ceremony if money was involved but ko si owo(no money).
Those women are the least of my worries anyway, my mum has invited the church to our house( now the evening mass for tuesday would hold at my house) did u hear me. MASS! HOUSE!(What happened to the church?) I can't hide any where, the party is at my house. By the way I would start a series on the blog soon ( The life of a stranger) short series about what is happening in the life of people I meet, hear about everyday. Might be tragedy, comedy or tragi comedy.
   Drop your comment abeg, I would make sure I pray for you during the evening mass. Thanks for reading. 


  1. Hehehe... my sister in the lord pls I need your prayers ooo cos my exam is in 2 weeks time

  2. " sisi mi", good to hear your confession.

    You can still pray for me (the get money/rich prayer) even though I came late.

    waiting to read your new series.

    234 Jam Blog

  3. I will pray for u to get a job @ Don osco.

  4. Success in ur paper Azi. Make sure u read o(education is expensive).

  5. Abeg, I need that prayer oo. Life ain't easy mehn.


  6. You didn't drop your prayer points. I would pray for you though

  7. lolz. Just Laughing... Great One....



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