The law is an ass

 Morning/afternoon/evening darlings(its all depends on when you read this).
    Is it me or is MAY moving very fast? Yesterday it was 1st and today is 5th! Have not been consistent, I know( I think is writer block) I have not been inspired lately. My days have been very boring(am leading a triangular life: from house to work from work to house) other than that have been doing some reading( not serious reading) I decided to read my 'Senior English Project 3'. That's the english textbook I used in my SS3. I found an interesting write up there, so I decided to share it with you guys. Its was written by Mabel Segun a Nigerian poet.

* * *
  They say the law is an ass,and I fully endorse this statement, you know why? I'll tell you.
  There is a banana tree next door to where I live. This tree overhangs my premises. every morning I have to sweep up the dead leaves of the banana tree next door . Now this banana tree has two lovely bunches of fruit on it. The two bunches overhang my premises . I love bananas and my children love bananas too. If we have to sweep up dead leaves from the tree, surely we are entitled to some compensation for our trouble? Suppose one day , I cut down one of the bunches and eat the bananas. After all, we did not go into our neigbour's compound to cut it. We found the bananas right in our yard. What would the law say about it?
    The law would say I have converted another man's property to mine. Which is a roundabout way of saying that am a thief. As far as the law is concerned, even though the banana bunches overhand my premises, they do not belong to me .
    But I say to the law, what about the dead leaves I have to sweep up every morning? Has a tree that does not belong to me a right to litter my premises? And the law replies, 'that is a different matter; the law allows you to cut down the overhanging branch because every owner of premises also own the air or space above the premises. If your neighbour's branch overhangs your premises, that is an infringement of your space.'
    All this is puzzling me. So I say to the law, ' if I cut down the offending branch,the fruits will be lying on the ground, and will become rotten if they are not eaten. And yet you say I must not eat the bananas.' The law replies, 'that is true. You may cut down the branch because it is a nuisance, but you are certainly not allowed to eat the bananas. They belong to your neighbour. After all, it was his tree that bore them!
   So you get the drill(law is so complicated, little wonder lawyer charge armed robber bills)no offence to all the learned people in the building. The write up Is too long, my fingers started paining me along the line so I had to stop. Do you ever get so bored. How can I reduce my boredom( bear it in mind I don't have much time or money for outings) what I can do at home. Don't tell me to type ' am bored' to google, done that!... Hope you enjoyed the write up?



  1. Do u like movies? Nd I really don't mean nollywood movies. Watch some captivating Hollywood movies, it will lift your spirit. Download some on Movies helps me to release stress. Listen music with your earphones on, blocking out everything around u including urself helps to, not a noisy music but cool ones like Celine dion, Enya. I would have said, go swimming, but it will involve money. If u have, u can try it. I hope this helps. Whatever is happening now, happens. That's one thing with this kind of blogging. Good luck dear.

  2. Pheezy! I like your story. Like my neighbour's orange the leaves keep littering the compound. Makes me sweep every minute. Omor me I cut the oranges chop now they are ripe ooh. No time I must reap the fruit of my sweeping...hehe. You shall find your vibe again girl!

  3. I once cut off the branches of a tree from littering my premises then the owner was trying to make noise I ask them now many times have they come to sweep the dead leaves in my compound. That was the end of that story.

  4. Pam enya's songs are very depression. Its like moving from frying pan to fire

    1. Oh darling. U ain't a fan, if you are, you wouldn't say that. I understand though. To me, it's uplifting. In fact don't let me start.

  5. Amen Rella... Your neighbor can sue for taking the oranges

  6. That the same thing I would have done gloria


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