Sunday banter

Good afternoon people of God hope you all went to church, or for nasfat or to your babalawo house where ever you go on Sunday. Me I was not able to go to church, I actually decided not to go last night.  Personally am not a very good Christian, I won't come here and tell you about how much I love jesus 'hell to the no'  but I would keep trying to do what's right by me.  I decided not to go to church because I was still angry over the encounter I had with an old friend... The most annoying part is this boy did not even remember we were friends.  Like am just thay easy to forget, I actually met him at my favorite akara (bean cake) spot in ife. Apparently he came to buy akara too 'n as my mouth will not stop talking, I started talking to a total stranger and helped in out so the guy ask for my name, I was not in a name telling mood but I still managed to tell him and as politely as I can but apparently my 'friend' had seem me turn my smile upside down when I turned away 'n he decided to air his opinion.  According to him I should not have told the guy my name if I was not happy to..."who put his mouth in this matter " the most annoying thing was that he was actually forming British accent and lecturing me about been true to myself. .

     Is it me or are guys taking this gender equality thing too far. Imagine breaking up with a guy and he responds
  "you used me" first of all, that is my line and second how does a girl use a guy? Is that even admissible. 
       I ended up attending one service after all, one of the churches around my house organised what seem to be the longest choir rehearsal. It spanned over 5 hours and ended at 3am in the morning... I was wake till about 5am when I eventually remembered I am supposed to submit my project proposal on Monday and I have not type 50% of it. Talk about procrastination! I was supposed to submit a month ago. I pray they extend the submission date . 
      A big shout out to my sister from another mother... She murdered, and buried and post utme... Happy all our sleepless night was not in vain.


  1. Hello, hope you get around to finishing that write up. And keep your head up always, have a great week!

  2. Okay so is it right to assume that you are not in a very good mood now? Please try and finish the typing as there may not be an extension.

  3. You are not a good Christian Or you are not a good church goer? These two cases are not the same thing. Pheezy, we need to talk. *rme*

  4. heheheheheh @ "You used me!" hehehe Which one is That is my line?! heheheh Kai! You ehn Fisayo.. With all due Respect accrued bubba.. Ya a real Nut case.. lmao... You do know that dont you?! Thing is... for us guys... Handling Break ups comes with Emotional Maturity.. hehehe You needed to see how i felt and was when Ijagz and I broke up last November.. I was all shades of a wreck.. So blame not the guy oh Nne.. leRRus just say.. His FlaBBer was Gasted **Winks...

    So lemme Quote this before I run away. Do permit me Baby mi...

    Fisayo: "I won't come here and tell you about how much I love Jesus"

    JdB: But he Loves you Fisayo :) and very much for that matter..**Winks

    Cheers Bubba.. This was an exciting read.. You remind me a bit of me when i was a tad younger.. And I say that without mincing words **Okay I minced a bit sha.. Cheers.. How are you Bubba?!


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