Maybe it's funnier from where you are standing

I had no plans to post anything today, I had plans but it was in a different direction than am going today.  It was supposed to be light and funny but I just found out you can't do light and funny if you are consumed with anger so here goes. 

     About two months ago a friend told me something that really made her angry.  She had been sexually abused the past session and she decided to report it to the school security.  The guy was punished but in the way students do.  They was a lot of fuss about it,  then the table was turned as the case proceeded she became the guilty party, people said she should  have shouted, why did she not shout,  she should have begged or hit him.
   I know  the easiest thing to make a conclusion on is something you don't understand,  people don't understand how  it is to be a rape victim.  When rape is going on your mind become turned apart, you would not know what to do,  would shouting make him stop or would it make him hit you or even kill you.  What if you beg,  would it make him stop, or make him see you as just another helpless female who needs to be taught they are not as smart as him. 
       So she was raped and she reports to the authorities,  because she wants justice to be served but instead of her to get justice she gets criticism,  she gets laughed at by people that do not know her struggle her pain.  Why would you laughed at a girl because she was raped and she decided to come out instead of her been consumed in anger like other,  why does our society frown on us because we decide to speak and be free of the self loathing. The most annoying part is that most of the people that say rubbish about girls that come out about be sexually abused are women.
      Rape victims have enough psychological problems to deal with already don't make them crawl into a shell because your just have to sprat rubbish about something you don't just understand. 
        Don't make use hid under the shadow because your mind can't bear to see us in the light.  SAY NO TO RAPE.


  1. A very BIG NO TO RAPE.....Rape is one of d most terrible crimes on earth and it happens evry few minutes. The problem wit groups who deal wit rape is dhat dey try to educate women abt how to defend themselves...What really needs to be done is teaching men not to rape...

  2. This is really deep. I hope your friend is strong enough to deal with this and I hope she is. It's a really sad thing.

    Pls check out my blog

    1. *I pray she is strong enough to overcome this

  3. Criosly rape victims are usually stigmatized cos most times they don't believe their stories..i pray she finds succour in God

  4. Chai poor girl u see it the culprit gets away but the victim lives with the stigma ..

  5. Say no to rape. I really don't know why some men are very heartless to abuse a female. it is wrong.

  6. #saynotorape.. Great post. Hope your friend is feeling better now? Yeah women sure know how to mock a fellow woman...

  7. Awwwwwww! People with their bad mouth. She should have reported to the police or any human right organization.
    Rape is a criminal offense, I am quite sure they will handle the case with professionalism
    May God heal her

  8. Preach sister, preach!!!! I pray she finds the healing that she needs

  9. Rape is not what anyone should experience. It kills silently. May we not be victims in Jesus Name!!!

  10. It is well with your friend. All these randy rapists that will not keep their joystick where it belongs. mtcheeeew


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