DIY Ankara covered book

Hey guys...  Am so sorry have not posted anything in a while... It's been 2days and it seems like ages. I did not post anything because I have been very sad lately, I can't even watch a movie without crying, and since this is my happy place,  I decided to keep quiet because I don't need any blues to stop my juju.
     So today post is very dear or is it near to my heart. I really love DIYs because making  things make me feel better about myself and it gives me bragging right. I have adorn my book with Ankara before but I did it because the poor book was falling apart.
    Not to waste your time and because my hand has started aching me I would jump right into the tutorial/pictorial.

What you would need:
Scrap material... Cotton
A pair Scissors
Tape measure

How to:
° iron your fabric(you don't want a wrinkled book)
° measure your book and make sure your material is at least one inch bigger than book.
°place your book on the material and determine how it would stay on it
°put your glue on the book( not too much in case you want to change the material later)
°place the material over the book(just like you wrap your books with paper) 

°use the first and last pages of the book to cover the fabric.


  1. That's really amazing, thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful and creative.

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.. Do check it up.. thanks

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  4. Hehehe all this DIY you people are doing.. Am gonna try my hands on them soon.. Beautiful job

  5. Nice job dear. Will try it sometime.

  6. Job well done. kudos

  7. Wow! Awesome idea...i'm going to try for my old tablet device jacket.

    The maid factor: A must read for all ladies.

  8. Nice 1 babes.... I love DIYs too

    All this I will try it, you people should ooo!!!

  9. Great job!

  10. All my books will now wear a new look. Thanks to you.
    Pls visit my blog

  11. Good work. I don't have time, so I won't bother my head.
    But I don't mind if you gimme one. Lolz


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