Been long you saw me

Holla blog fam.... Been so long I saw you. How una dey. I don't think I really need to explain why I was away.  My last post was too serious so I took sometime off to regroup. The old noodles was a little bit over worked and stressed. Am back for good now and I would be updating the blog for the better part of the rest of the month... I must deliver the 31 posts I promised.

      I lost my sense of humour now am searching for it. ... Anyone who has it should please gimme back by the way guys who has read THE THOERY OF LAUGHTER?... Hoping to read it by weekend hopefully it would help.
      I donated one pint of blood yesterday. Through the most strenuous way you can imagine. According to the (what do dey call people that draw blood?) I have very small veins. I think it's just an excuse to cover his incompetence because I have donated blood before and I don't think the veins become smaller as you grow older or does it? He tried taking blood from two prominent veins on my two arms but nothing came out. It did however start flowing when a woman I think is the superior officer of the guy attending to me came and fixed the bag. It was like trying to fetch a bucket of water from an empty tank. There was pressing, drawing, pushing, and all that gimmick but still my blood was struggling to come out. Soon it clotted while I was still donating.  It was a relief anyways because my hand was going limp already and it was getting ready to drop. It was transferred to the other hand and within 2 minute the same quantity of blood that was withdrawn for over 30 minutes was taken.  My stinginess is skin deep.
P. S.: Have you ever donated blood before? What your experience? And what do dey call people that draw blood, health workers or is there a special name? Do you think is a good idea to donate is it a bad idea state your reason. This is starting to look like a waec question so I would stop here. Okay bye.

PP. S: I would be posting a DIY tomorrow... It's for a swim suit(leggings refashion).


  1. Beautiful post :) Kiss from France, Sand.

  2. Good to know that you're back for good. Welcome back dear. As per your question, Alabekee has never donated blood before

  3. Lol @my stingyness is skin deep.

    I haven't donated blood before I lepa reach? How can I go and kill myself? I look forward to doing that someday tho

    Nma's Blog 

  4. I haven't donated blood, they do it in my school. I feel I don't have enough blood to donate.
    Me self need blood ooo cos school stress is taking some out of me. Lol

  5. lol at my stinginess is skin deep
    I've never donated before for very obvious reasons , have you seen me ?
    not really i know some labs call it bleeding , but its widely called donation
    Be well

  6. Welcome back.. I've never donated blood before.

  7. Thinking....never donated and never received from a donor either. you did well pheezy.

    It's question time!

  8. I don't even have enough blood to donate. My pcv is low

  9. I've donated blood once. I've always wanted to but I'm scared of needle and to see my vein na war but that day, I did it in honour of a friend far away that loves giving and has given me a lot I can't repay so I had to do what will cost me something.
    I'll do it again.


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