Am a versatile blogger

I am happy to inform you I have been nominated by Gloria of
Trend with Gloria , for the versatile blogger award. I did not xperrit am still in shock. Expecially not from her because a serious blogger and am a not so serious blogger. 
        This award is used to honour those that have inspire life's through their blog posts, whose blog posts  are also interesting.  So you see why am surprised  right? I don't think my posts are inspiring and I have lost my sense of humour but (I would stop my vote of thanks here before I wet my my phone with tears) 
     So am supposed to do three things
1. Thank the person that nominated you and put a link to their blog.
Done that.
2. Nominate 15 New blogger whose blog you read... Nominate 15 bloggers sha . and notify them of the nomination. So here goes
Temple of words
I did not nominate  up to 15 but half bread is better than puff puff.

3. Tell the person that nominated you 7 thing about you.
1. The most exciting thing have done in my life is : removing the mask of father Christmas(turned out he was our math teacher) I was 5.
2. am very good with voices  and I know the way all my friends feet sounds but I can't remember a name to save my life. I forget right after you tell me.
3.The first thing I do when I go to anyone's house is plug my phone.
4. I have never gone on a date on valentines day.
5. I am not an hugger. And I get angry when people take advantage of my size and scoop me up like a little puppy (it's ain't right)
6. I cannot lift the pestle to pound yam, the last time I tried I became ill(I plan to sign a contract of no pounding if I marry an Ekiti man, prenup)
7. I drink water, soft drink, juice from a sippy cup every time am by myself.
8. Am a hoarder. I have everything I used in the past.  Jewellery, cloths, books, gadgets.
Their you have it 7 things about me and jara


  1. Hahaha can't stop laughing you dare remove father Christmas mask? Lmho

  2. Replies
    1. Lmao. Gosh! I love your blog.. I don't want to leave..

  3. Weirdo! Your number 8 reminds me of my father and younger sis

  4. Niceone..nice blog too...

    First tym visiting ur blog..

    Here is mine...

  5. Chei! See how this comedian in the making wan finish me with laughter. I like your sense of humour Babe. Congrats on your nomination

  6. Lol. Funny! You made me laugh and forget what I wanted to say oo

  7. Wow! thanks, wld do the same too.

  8. lol gurl you cracked me up but no 3 is the lolest.

  9. congrats gurl. Thanks for the nomination too.


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