Hopeless romantic

I'm saying sorry in advance cos this wont always go as planned 
Though we don't mean to take our love for granted
It is in our nature to forget what matters
When the going is getting tough
And we're all about giving up
Things that we never thought we'd say
We'd say them
Things we never thought we'd play
We'd play them
It ain't perfect but its worth it
And its always getting better
Its would take time to make it right
Cos I'm still learning the art of love
I'm still trying not to mess it up
So whenever I stumble let me know
You need to spell it out for me
If I ever hurt you it not my intention
Cos we would make mistakes
Find out how much your heart can take
But I know you've got my back
And baby I got yours
Sometimes I will miss
I'm still learning how to give
I'm not giving up
I'm still learning how to love
I would get it right sometimes
While I am learning the art of love
But when I stumble
You need to let me know
You need to spell it out


  1. Your blog has no contact us page. There is no way anyone can reach admin of this blog. Please reply with your email. I want to send you a mail

  2. Beautiful words! Yes one isn't perfect, but love does not keep records of wrong doings.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a lovely weekend. :)


  3. An art of love indeed, nice one there. Keep it up.


  4. Nice one dear.


  5. Aww.. lovely piece girl.


  6. Love and the act behind it ..


  7. Lovely poem. Loved reading it.



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