If we must die

I have heard about Kings dying, I have about presidents death, powerful men of God and people who end of as statistics. Nobody's death has given me course to question my own existence,  the purpose I am met to serve in this world, my beliefs.
       When I came to ife I heard gist about how great  the king is, the power in his tongue, his expected long reign, his vast riches, his strong spirit. I admired  his person, the way people reverend  him, in my fantasies I am not a poor damsel in distress,in my own fantasies I am a powerful king.
       But the man died  and I was cut off from the world of make believe and deported back to the real world on a lonely ship I call epiphany.  Now here is what I realised no matter how rich or poor u are nobody leaves this world alive, dead is a debt we must all pay.

P. S: if you plan to travel within seven days please  don't pass true Ile-Ife  anytime after 6:00pm. There is oro ritual going on for the King's send forth and believe it or not it's human sacrifice.


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