Monday, 24 August 2015

How to make people remember you

In the life of every human being a time would come when you would feel neglected,  like it's only you in the world.  Just imagine your phone not ringing, nobody messages you.  And when any of them happen is either it came from your network provider or its a broadcast message pronouncing doom on you if you don't pass the message on. 

       In times like this remember this post because am about to give you a lasting solution to this particular problem. This is a tested and approved solution. The next time you feel neglected, go to your friends and borrow a substantial amount of money from each and every one of them.  You are not borrowing the money for the purposes of spending so don't spend it.  Just collect and deposit in your account, on the day you promised to return the money make sure u go MIA. Then call them later and tell them you are with the money and state that you would bring it the next day. Keep posting them till they get ashamed of always calling you to ask for money and start greeting you before they ask.
         Return the money after two weeks, don't allow it exceed two weeks after the first agreement else what happened in Benin might just happen again. (remember the guy that butchered his friend because of 750k)? Yes? Okay bye. Have a nice week ahead.


  1. Wonderful thoughts, I should try that sometime.

  2. Lol, but what if later in future u really become in need of money, do u think your friends will come to ur aid again? That stunt though...

  3. hehehehe..nice one yea but its work differs on individual..some people might just lock up if you hesistate to pay them.

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    1. You would look for someone it would work for

  4. Lolz.. Will start the borrowing from you cos i want you to always remember me.. Haha so abeg borrow me 1m

    1. We we look for someone to borrow from together.

  5. Haha!! This made me laugh a little bit
    Thanks for the inspirational and handy quote

  6. Choi, Omo you are too funny mehn. Lolz

  7. Lool, this actually will work because people never forget those that owe them money, i still remember those from primary school self.

    Simply Uneeke


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