So I went for a wedding

    This is like the first time am attending a wedding as a guest in 2 years, I attend weddings but most of the times is either as a waiter, decorator, or 'ask me'(usher) am versatile like that. I actually knew about the wedding for a long time( the date was saved) but I actually forgot at the dire minute( meaning no aso ebi for me) I had to sew my own aso ebi on the day of the owanbe, God forbid I carry last, its not possible for vip to wear assorted cloth.
While I was sewing(myself) my boss was putting to much gragra(pressure) on me, telling me how I take everything nonchalantly, the wedding was scheduled to start at 10, and I just got to the venue around 12:30, me I was expecting the venue to be filled up, because I was 1 hour late. But when I got there I was so confused, because I was not sure of the venue again, it was annoying, I had to ask one of the pap(photographer) that was there if that's the venue. When I eventually got into the hall it was just my mum(the event planner), technical team, dJ,band,the guys decorating the hall, the food people and 'ask me'. With a couple of guest who also like me thought their is no point going to the church since its already after 12. ..
   The event eventually started at about 1:30 that's after one hour of me holding up the lights for the decorating them and doing 'hello 1' for the band.
    This wedding was not boring to me anyway, because I had side attraction like women trying to pour plate of rice inside nylon, the extremely dry mc whose only joke was that "the person whose golf 1960 model is blocking another persons end of discussion 2015 should go an carry is family problem" the first time he said it, it was a tad bit funny. But then he kept repeating it, and he was so affected by the noise, its a wedding for christ sake, most women came there to gossip. The only interesting thing he did was a comparism between the old dance and dance now. The couple too were lovely people, their was a lot of dancing going on and it was so much fun. Until I started dancing and one woman suddenly started spraying me 100naira notes from behind, she spray so much I had to use my cape to hold the money just to avoid it from falling down. As she stopped spraying, she whispered 'thank you' into my ear( that's when I knew something was oFf. Its either she has used me for rituals or she is just too happy to give me so much money just because I decided to shake my behind shamelessly at another persons wedding. On turning back to see her face, I found out she just paid me the money she owes me, I had made a dress for her before going to school the last time around, so she decide to spray me the money she owe me on the dance floor. I think that's injustice.
      I also met my uncle who happened to have asked me out earlier. I actually saved his number as "dundi". The meeting was not very pleasant anyway, because I didn't even bother to ask his name.
      After the wedding, I got to escort the bride to her husband's parent house, I just found out the bride and groom spends the night there and can go to their house the next day or see the world the next day. Their was a lot of singing and dancing again, and then the groom family gave the 'iyawo ile' from the bride side an envelope(containing money)if you don't ask for it they might not give(the women I went with were being christian about the issue,so they didn't collect a lot of money(I think its because most of them are rich)an advise take the hungriest of the iyawo ile to your groom parents house they tend to be more useful and they know the tradition more and when they don't know, they find out. the iyawo iles helped in carrying the brides things into the house while they sing.

      All in all, travelling to go there was so worth it. I think weddings are fun if u really look with your eyes and listen with your ears without putting all your attention into the plate of rice in front of you.
   So how did you weekend go, have a nice week ahead. I would be putting up more post(I would be consistent) as there is a strike on going in my school.


  1. Lolz girl you are one funny diva. Your weekend was well spent.. Mine was just ok no activity..
    Have a blessed week you all.

  2. mehn you had fun. My weekend was boring. And to that aunty that sprayed you the money she was owing you, we need to go and kidnap her...not cool mehn

  3. Looks like a great weekend indeed, weddings are not my thing, Have a good week!

  4. I agree with you moby... Cos it isn't good

  5. I agree with you moby... Cos it isn't good

  6. hahaha..wat got me was you saving your uncles name with dundi...most of us have such sides names for them,hehehe..your weekend was fun but mine was really boring

  7. Lmao....glad u had a good weekend. I love the font you are using on ur blog.

  8. You are funny, hahaha@ the woman who sprayed you, she is a sharp woman. Guess you enjoyed your weekend

  9. You can't separate ladies and marriage. They are just one. Thank God you attended the wedding as a guest, for me, either as a guest or as someone who is engaged I have nevdd attended a single wedding this year. Nice post.

  10. That woman is mean menh... how can she spray you the money she owed you on the dance floor? What if some got lost in transit?

    Owanbe can be soooo sweet as a guest, no running around sofar they don't pass your table by when they start sharing all the mende mende


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