First of all before I start yapping, I wasn't to say a happy birthday to my secret boyfriend Dapo. Yass! That's been said,I would get down to d business of the day! Or d midnight as I am writing this between 1am n 2am.
       So last night, I went to buy airtime so I would be able to call secret boyfriend at 12a.m( dude did not pick the call though)like who sleeps so deep within 2 minutes right?... Now am scared he is dead in the bottom of the lake or slipped in the bathroom. he was kind enough to send me a good night message(who sends a good night text message in the age and time?) Okay back to my story, after I got the airtime, I decide to get "suya"(steaks) I had to stand in 'line' for over 30mins because I was too short for the poor mallam to see. And the smoke kept sending me back.
    While I was at the back of the line, I notice one boy begging for food. He was gesturing with his hand the way a dumb person would do, so I felt he was really hungry and gave him half of my suya fund. Naturally I expected him to go buy something to eat(where we were was food colony) but he still kept begging. This time he talked!( I felt like going back to collect my money from him, he left after I made him feel uncomfortable staying there, 1min later, he emerges with someone , a older boy and I notice him signal to me, then the other boy came to my side to beg again(like seriously?)It took a lot of gut not to shout at him. However I made sure I stayed there for the better part of the night(I had to make sure nobody gave them money) don't lOok at me like that, those boys are grow up, even though my parents hand things to me, I still work. So that's major gist. If u ever come to Ile -ife in osun state don't ever give any perfectly okay kid money. And if you happen to be in Akure Ondo state, never ever give a beggar who looks perfectly okay but is old lower than 50 naira. Its either higher or nothing at all. Most of em are mentally ill or retired thugs. So its either you get insulted or mugged.(Stay away!)
    PS: this is about boyfriends that act like girlfriends, am starting to think my boyfriend is gay. I mean the guy has over two hairspray,he scents his handkerchief, he is teamlightskin and I think he is keeping malice with me for not taking his calls. I feel like the man, this is so frustrating.

That's been said, I would go to bed now, or probably see a movie


  1. LOL those beggars were at their place of work. These days i find it difficult to give arms cos i found out some of dem ve made a fortune from it. There is dis woman in Ketu here in Lagos I learnt she built like two houses tru begging . Anyway u did d right thing. To d oda story The fact dt ur secret bf is my name sake I'll support him, it is unfair to say he's d girl just bcos he didn't pick ur call. reach out to him first he might ve a good reason. Ladies are impatient sha

  2. You have succeed in tackling this BF of yours when you should be celebrating him...Habaa! I'm sure if he gets read to read this post, he will get the message clearly from you, abi naa...lol.

    Giving alms to road side beggars is something I hardly do. I'd rather channel my resources to institutions that help the needy even though in a lot of cases, they mismanage these resources given to them for they poor.

  3. Hian! Shuo! Fisayo!! This Eezz not a small thing oh! Haba! Eeezz neFer that deep nah Bubba! Gay ke?! If you guys have foreplay and all... then how can he be?! Apparently though... It seems some guys just over like Fashion.. and maybe your Oga Boss falls into that category.. That being said Baby mi.. It eez just relatively sad that so many young folks, rather than CHOOSE to work, CHOOSE to occupy street corners and beg for funds.. and the painful thing is that they use the funds they get to smoke or something.. All in all.. Like my mother taught me.. You will not ignore the entire basket cause there are a few bad Onions in them.. Cause sincerely yeah Fisayo.. there are still some who sincerely need our help.. and i think they should be helped.. Cheers Bubba.. this was an apt read... :)

    Heheheheheh I dunno why yeah.. But you remind me of me when i was 21... and the crowd goes Yyyyyyeeaaah mehn!

  4. Lolz those kid beggars are so rampant these days. At times on my way home, you will see little kids run after and they be like "goodafternoon ma", next you hear is "Aunty pls come and give me money to eat". They make it look like they don't have what to eat meanwhile, their parent must have sent them on errands. And you say kidnapping is rampant? It's so easy to kidnap these days even me can kidnap lol (God forbid) but really that how easy some parents make it for kidnappers

    Your boyfriend is neat nah. I used to date someone like that, he spends like an hour in the bathroom, am not exaggerating and he goes with powder everywhere he goes, he uses lipgloss but he is not GAY...Meanwhile you really mean business with these kids by giving us the location so we won't give them money lmao hian

    Thanks for dropping by pheezy..


  5. Loool you this babe sha. You actually stood there to stop people from giving them money? What if they had attacked you?

    Lightskin boys are like that, some worse than others.

  6. If you encounter fulani beggars, that one is so annoying, the kids would follow you, drag your cloth and touch you because they are begging for alms and their parents just sit and watch waiting for the money giving to the kids. Sometimes I wonder if it's their custom to beg.

    You should be happy you have a bf who takes time to take care of himself, and you know it's common in light skin guys.


  7. those fulani begging kids are so cute that you wonder why their parent will just sit there and watch them beg...i actually don't give them kids anything cos they are either meant to be in school or legally doing something to earn them money..
    as for you bf...mami you should know lightskin guys have plenty shakara in their body


    1. They are not fulani though, they are from Niger Republic

  8. Rotfl this babe you are too funny. Those guys where on duty abeg so you should have allow them work. Lol.


  9. Hahahaha...I have a cousin who acts like your BF. This my cousin will spend quality time admiring himself in the mirror after he must have had his birth and applied powder. As per the kid beggars, they're so many in the streets nowadays. I just hope the govt will do something about it

  10. You and your bf should sit and talk this over ehn. My late bf was like this, he even trims his brow and relaxes his hair, I learnt to cope. Trying to change people will make them resent you.
    I served in the core North and one kobo, I didn't give anybody because that's how their leaders want them to be. If they give me the one with them self , I'll collect.

  11. Smelling...secret bf...but Dayo. I think you have just make him opened to the world. Beggars are really everywhere. Nigeria itself is a begging country, from Europe to America to China begging for support for one thing or the other.

  12. I used shout on those full ni abi whatever kids. Even some adults are into the business. One came to meet me after church service like a gentleman he was that he needed to are back home, after giving him 500h I saw him with other members begging again. It pained me eehn.i wanted to chase him because I had plans for that 500 naira


  13. Lolz @bola. Anyways, I don't look at dem beggars oo, if it's a sin, God forgive me biko. I don't trust most of dem. Chill with la boo joor, Lolz.


  14. What an awesome night experience you had. Lool.


  15. Haha you're such a good story teller. I can totally relate to those people who go around begging. One time i gave whole heartedly and the guy went ahead and bought a cigarette! Smh


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