Let he/she who has no sin cast the first stone.

    Personally if I was the persona from yesterdays post, I would hire body guards to follow my daughter everywhere. She most not go as close as 1 kilometre to the guy.
     Am not for people of different social strata getting married(especially when the lady is the rich one) . Most of my conviction is based on pride. Last week I was getting my mani and pedi on when I heard the discussion of the hair dresser and her friend. Apparently the friend came from lagos to relax in ife, she had a wedding to attend d following saturday and she wants to look stunning to the wedding because according to her ' awo ti wan bo ni wedding yen lowo ni owo(those coming for that wedding are loaded)' and she hopes to take one of them hope to mama, now if for instants the bobo is broke there is 85% chance that his friends would be broke too. That means must of your girlfriend would not be excited to come for your wedding, those that would come are there to talk about the stupid mistake you are making, and no one would be excited to talk to any guy at your party, except guys from the bridal party.
   Now my point is, am a child of a rich person(let's assume) now am in love with this guy that struggles to pay is house rent( he looks good by the way) you know how broke people always dress better than the rich ones. So we set our wedding date, am the rich one remember? My family is all pumps, my mum decides to pick the most expensive aso ebi she found in the market( she had to order it straight from the factory, because its too expensive for the stores to carry). Its as if she is on revenge plans to punish all her friends( she was reluctant to tell them her daughter is getting married to a 'nobody' at first).
      Soon came the wedding day, the hall is beautifully decorated, its decor syncs with the colour of the aso ebi from the bride's side, the family of the groom however all look like misfit as the are all decked with ankara of differents colour(they family of the groom decided not to wear a party uniform as if to spite the bride overbearing mother), the waiters and waitresses made matter worse as the witch hunt women from the groom side who have collected over 6 wraps of 'iyan' but think its okay for the 'commission' on the first roll to ask for extra 'Samosa and chicken kebab'.
       After the wedding you go home, then comes the wedding picture. You could not hide you joy when you saw how beautiful your girls looked. " O.m.G. Sile looks very nice here, I was right to pick her has Chief brides maid,I just don't understand why she had to rush oFf to london". Then you look at your husbands groom men with the 'hey you are here too eye' and smile sheepishly.
        So I understand the wedding is not marriage but for most people in the modern society that's is what marriage is. And if the wedding ceremony goes like that and am afraid it would, it would reflect on the behaviour of the couple.
    Me I won't think about it, because even though my mum is not a socialite and the land in my street still sells for as low as 1million, couple with the fact that I go to school in a city that is just coming out of the stone age, I would not allow myself marry a broke person. Hell! I won't even allow myself marry someone that is too religious(I believe there most be a problem chasing such a person with a machete... Abi why would a guy go for morning mass everyday,every prayer meeting, house fellowship,choir practice 3 times a week, after church saint joseph meeting! Is in a competition with the bible?).

Moral lesson: de ara e ni awo to gba e.
Direct translation: ( cover yourself is a plate that is your size)


  1. Knowing what you want is a good start, and prepares you for the right moment. Best wishes!

  2. Hahahahah youve plenty issues criosly..but i second to the hell no will i ever dream of marrying a broke niggar..


  3. The most important thing ladies look for in any relationship is security

  4. I just found out I was writing in the first person at first and later change... I finished it later than usual

  5. Hi Fisayo, how'you doing? As per the matter on ground, in as much as love is paramount in any relationship, I wouldn't be caught settling for a broke nigga. No, not Alabekee

  6. Well there are so many rich guys with nasty characters vice versa. When a man is determined and has potentials and above all is God fearing i see nothing wrong in ending up with such a person. Gone are the days when women are idle these days some women are doing better than men..
    Don't know if I deviated from this topic or isn't making sense but I just said my opinion..
    I see you all..


  7. Hmmm well written and presented....the single way to having a peaceful marital home is to define what you needed in your wedding. Though in totality am in disagreement with you with respect to what you seems to prioritized.

    My question is if you are lucky to marry that very rich kind of guy of your dream, and shortly after the married he got broke, what happen next? If I may guess, divorce Will be the next option since one of the major criteria of such a wonderful wedding is no longer there.

    To so many youths, the institutions called marriage has become a kind of social arrangement which can be temporarily formulated today and dissolved tommorow. To them it is more or less like a commercial bus which anyone can choose to drop at anytime to join another moving one so far the financial obligation has been met.

    Am scared if this should continue, the most respected African family setting Will go into extinction just like some other part of the world are experiencing presently.

    Am left with no option than to wish you well with this choose, but it Will do no harm if you can still give my comment a second thought. http://uthmansaheed.blogspot.com

  8. Its a calculated attempt to satire the modern institution of marriage

  9. uthman didnt get the drift i totally agree with uthman submission.but money shouldnt be a priority in marriage,but it is important if its there is.
    however one should look beyond the money if you want a happy home

  10. No sweet, in as much as I wouldn't like to marry a broke nigga, I wouldn't marry cos of money, what if it's not there tomorrow and besides a broke nigga is so different from a lazy dude right?

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  12. Misconception must be thrown out of the window. Money isn't everything. What if the broke ass dude becomes the money bag tomorrow, then what? Everybody should be free to choose what they want.


  13. Interesting post,
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    Thanks again and I will definitely keep in-touch.


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