Am not a cool 'people'

   Lately have seeing a lot of seasonal movies(thanks to NASU strike,am on compulsory leave) ... Most of them are film with doctors playing God( I think I have seen over 3 movies where doctors clone people) is it possible for people to be cloned or is that another hollywood fiction( these people need to stop it with this extreme fiction because I am starting to believe vampires exist. This creature are all over the place in movies and its messing with my head.
 Back to God playing doctors, I was seeing "house" yesterday and there was an episode where one of the doctors told a patients he would die after 6 months, 3 months later he called him back to tell him the diagnose was wrong and he gets to live a healthy life because he was just reacting to talc powder. Two days later the patient sued him because of the diagnoses( he had blown all is money and he needs 5,000 dollars for his house) the doctor gave him 6,000 but he still sued. And am thinking what if he just kills him instead of going to court(he is angry because he was told he would die, what if he happens to have an accident and dies)its a win-win situation on both side. U get my point! If I was strong enough I would be a serial killer( but 'criminal minds' has taught me I don't have enough skills and craze for that)and I would rather sleep than kill people.
    I really need to stop seeing hollywood seasonal movies, they are melting my brain.

P. S : have nice weekends, turn up everywhere, but don't do what I won't do and what ever you do, don't TWERK! at least not in public.


  1. Hollywood movies actually do mess with pples head...mine is the action movies...i will leave the story for another day

  2. Same way Hollywood action movies deceives all them guys taking up arms, killing and bombing everywhere... From the movies, they see where bullets are dodged and all sorts of crap.
    The romance movies are even worse... they are the cause of many good relationships gone bad in Naija (my notion). If only the things we watch from movies can be regulated.

  3. the annoying part in action movie is when over 50 gun men are after one person n he or she would manage to dodge all the bullets.

  4. That's where this fantasy of a man being a woman starts.. I better watch my dumebi and jenifa jejely o. Call me local it's okay lol.

  5. I think am starting to prefer the new generation nollywood movie

  6. Lolz @ Gloria that's funny. As in Pheezy, I watch these movies sometimes and for a moment I just wish I were them *just a wish * But ehn one has to put a gigantic boundary between fiction, social media and Real LIFe, you get misleaded and you are done for


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