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Holla holla  .. Holla hoLla... Yass its friday again and am so excited, don't ask me why. I said u should not ask me( side eye) okay I would tell you. The first friday of last month I made a "new year" resolution not to abuse anybody, no matter how angry he or she makes me( because I am an adult now, and would be joining the labour market soon. I have to learn to manage my pouty mouth else I might get beaten to a pulp).
    As God did to jesus in the bible, he decide to send satan to tempt me.( This is where I start the story, because I know that what most people want to read) jumping right into it:
   So last friday, I went to the market to get some pirated oyinbo seasonal film, on getting to the road side shack, I asked the ibo boy that worked as sales attendant there to get me "house", I was so anxious to see all the seasons even though Its subject matter is not really my specialisation(medicine) I guess I was just interested in finding out what would happen to each patience, whether they live or die. As I was going about my duty I noticed a guy looking at me. At first I though its just a guy, he would soon stop looking and as if he read mymind and want to prove me wrong he looked even harded, this time much closer to me, (who does that right? ) Now I was getting irritated and I asked if anything was the matter, but he didnot mind me and he continue.
     Now I know in my mind that this is a temptation from the darkest pit of hell and am so happy I overcame it. And survived that encounter without been raped in the street.

   Has any other person experienced that? Do tell and yes have a very nice day. And make sure u turn up but not loud enough for the neighbours to call the police on you.


  1. Hahaha! You should have clapped him for looking at you. Lolz


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