Imagine this

    You wake up one morning from your palatial bed, you are preparing for the day's work, paying too much attention to the grey hair on your head and giving it a little dose of hair mask. When your only daughter came in, she is an adult already, works in one of your multinational company as director. She has always bEen you pride, she got her first degree when she was 19 and at 23 she is a master holder. Her brain is not the only genetic character passed from you, she is also very beautiful. If women were rated over 10 she would score 11. She is perfect.
  Greeting you with a hug, she couldn't wait to blunt out her reason for interrupting your hour of vanity. Your little girl is bringing a man home, she thinks he is the 'one'. You indulge her even though you do not believe any guy is the one.
       Two days later she comes home with this guy,classically handsome,he doesn't look like he comes from money. But he looks well kept. You couldn't wait to ask him what he does. His answer sends chill down your spine. He is a (what's the posh english for shit packer?). But he has money(my neighbour said there is money in shit business)
       Now the question is would you aLlow your beautiful daughter marry someone like that, or would you walk the young man out????

   P.S: thanks for the birthday wishes. I would update you on what went down on my next post.
   P.S: I apologise for not dropping my comment on your blogs, mtn network is responsible for the rise of suicide rate in nigeria. My only consolation is that Nigerian are now taking their pound of flesh.


  1. Happy belated birthday

    Gaddafi the shit business made lot of money.'s her choice tho love is all that matters

  2. Well there is dignity in whatever legit business one goes into.....since the young man has made a fortune for himself in the business,she should allow her daugher atleast she is ok knowing that the man will be able to provide and take care of her daughter

  3. The question should be will you reading this marry a shit parker or allow your daughter to marry one? I won't please, I will only consider if he is the manager or director as in not directly doing it himself. My reason for this is I can't stand it, I may not allow him touch me or might start puking around from time to time. He can be a vulcaniser or welder no problem.

  4. When it comes to the matters of the heart, love should be considered more important. Her father should allow the young lady marry her choice of a husband as long as the couple are happy together, not minding what the guy does for a living

  5. Happy belated birthday. Did you do something different with your blog, looks different. Anyway, there's the saying about dignity in labour, and since love conquers all who are we to define the happiness of others.

  6. happy belated birthday, they is always dignity in hard earn labor, it a very nice one there always on a spot

  7. Happy belated birthday dear.
    If she's comfortable with marrying a Shit packer, then who am I to stop her. She's the one they'll refer to as wife of a Shit packer now

  8. "If she's comfortable with marrying a Shit packer, then who am I to stop her" (in Tomi Molola's voice). Shit happens you know... And who says Shit packers are not human and should't have self worth? In a case like this, love really matters.
    Eeheen Pheezy, where is my cake?

  9. I would send the cake to your mail box


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