My entire room smell so bad right now. Am imagining its the way the mortuary smells when NEPA refuses to bring the light( if you can't picture that, try imagining how the incinerator of a federal secondary school smells on a friday evening). I had to stuff my nose with perfumed cotton wool( if I would die of a smell it better be pleasant!).
   I wonder what this girl has been eating! Am not the type to stop people from eating( I spend all my money on food) but here is a piece of advise, "take a lot of water" trust me it works( if u happen to have the same smelling waste problem.) don't go and embarrass yourself in another person's house. 

That been said I guess I would 'see' y'all tomorrow I just had to get that off my mind... I feel much better now if u ask me.
Am now on IG kf @oluwa_pheezy. 


  1. Lmao am short of words for this babe i was eating while i stumbled on this post, lol you're a case aunty pheezy.

  2. I know u would still finish the food... Aunty pheezy niyen

  3. Kikikikikikik, leboo must read this. Before he kills me with smell


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