Life of a stranger: The last time.

    "This is the last time, am not doing this again" sandra told herself as she got down from the cab and walked toward a small apartment with a sign that reads "providence maternity home".
 Wole had brought her here the first time she 'messed' up. Providence is owned by DR Tony,it doubles as his home and a 'correction' clinic . Its hard to tell if he is quack or just detest following rules. Either way he gets the job done.
     It was the doctor wife that opened the door, she stares at her as if she wants to bore holes through her skull, hugging her 6 months old child tighter, ' this girls with two left legs are necessary evil, man must eat' she thought. Sandra hates been welcomed by the doctor's wife, her glassy eyes always have a way of making her scared.
    Dr Tony was done with her, 'Take your vitamins religiously and try to use contraceptive' he admonished her ' I shouldnot be telling you this, because these is my source of income, but you seem like a nice girl, and the next procedure might take your life'
 ' This is the last time doctor, this is the last time' sandra said between sob. I won't do this again.
 ' you spoke the same words after the previous procedure' Dr tony said as he walked out of the operation room.


  1. Hmmmmm the last time that ended up being the very beginning..

  2. Bad habits are very difficult to break

  3. Contraceptives failing since the days of adam, I had a personal similar experience too. U can click on my name to read it on my blog. Thanks.

  4. Uh uh! It's been long I heard about this, haven't seen or heard any news of girls doing this.. hopefully girls will either wisen up and use contraceptives or stay outta sex entirely..

  5. It better be her last.

  6. So This happened to everyone? I always think am into it alone...just very difficult to stop somethings even after several promises of not going near there again. I just still find out am still doing it. How to stop it pls??

  7. "The last time..." A word we often use, but forget the moment we have another opportunity to indulge.

  8. its easy to say...but difficult to stop...i wish girls can come to the realization that guys don't get hurt rather we girls carry the whole shame...

  9. I know someone who went through this 8 times!! Lord have mercy.
    Well if as a single you're not responsible enough to use contraceptives because I'm not ready to talk about abstaining and all then you should be ready to bear the consequences of your actions.

  10. Hmmmmn! They still do it just that we don't hear about it. Or our doctors are advanced in that procedure. She should take it easy ooo.remembr she is still gonna marry. And she won't want to hear the story that touch

  11. She has done a lot of ..... Damage and its not gonna go down well .... More abortions lesser pregnancy opportunities..


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