My traditional yoruba wedding

 Am sure everyone have notice my very loud absence... * clear cobwebs* ...have been trying to make round to blogs(catching up on all have missed) I was held up by some unprecedented dresses I had to make( resuming school in less than a week so I had to give it my all(time ,mind,body,soul and brain power). I was opportuned to go for a wedding during the weekend(sic), I actually left there earlier than normal. I was not feeling the whole affair at all.
 If you have ever been to a yoruba traditional wedding, you would notice its usually celebrated with a lot of fanfare . Aso ebi always plays a special role in this wedding, nobody cares if you use your house rent or pension to buy the aso ebi. Just buy it.
   Personally I think weddings are boring,I take a book along when I go to weddings. To me its like seeing the same old film over and over again, just with different actor and different outfit. Am part of the 80 percent that come for the food, even though I chide myself from throwing wraps of pounded yam into my bag or emptying bottles of coke into empty 'eva' bottles.
   I want mine to have a little bit of twist, out of ordinary... the plan was to elope before, but am broke! And my mum most get the value for all the money she had spent on aso ebi.
    I have been thinking about what would happen if a bride doesn't pick the Bible on her traditional engagement( I don't know if muslim strap the ring to the Quran). Taking another item apart from the standard thing to pick means the bride would not get the ring. Now what if I decide I want the ring strapped to the nude loubs or the gucci purse? Would that be a crime?
        My mum once told me christianity only came to akure(where I live) about 100years ago. last sunday I asked her about this situation and I really wanted to know what happens in weddings before the advent of christianity. Here is what she said:
          "They was never a course for ring back then, when(if) the bride is asked to pick an item,it would be something that would be used to pray for the bride. She has the choice of honey,kolanut,alligator pepper, water,salt or even a stray mat(or bed as the case may be)(am sure I can try to say a prayer point with my red bottom shoes). The bridal trousseau usually consist of nine kolanut, nine alligator pepper( every items must be nine in number). The bride then wears a white wrapper across her chest, she would adorn her neck and legs with beads. The ceremony is done in the courtyard of the bride's family house "
   My mum actually did the tradition wedding ceremony before the church and engagement(modern). This explanation is the only reason I would stop giving her side her when she says she was a virgin when she married my father( cos that would make my elder brother conceived by the holy spirit).
    I like the idea of wearing white wrapper and bead like a priestess(lil rebel). So I am going for the traditional married. My mum was only graced by close family member because she didn't like the idea. And hers was the first of its kind after about 30 years and the last too.
    What do you want to change about your own wedding/ what did you change( what's the pepper and maggi). And how do they perform traditional marriage rite in your tribe or village or family.



  1. I find weddings boring too, and only have been to a few. I like the idea you have presented, something different is always good!

  2. Not a professional wedding person but I like weddings to be fun.

  3. I thought I was the only one that find weddings boring. Its good to know am not alone@ blogoratti

  4. Weddings are really boring except when something unique is done..its been years i attended a wedding..chai

  5. Your case is strong ooh.. hehe. Funny enough when that time comes, you can hardly change anything. Wish you well.

  6. I don't find weddings boring ooooo, me I like owambe very well

  7. I don't find weddings boring ooooo, me I like owambe very well

  8. Alabekee when I grow up I want to be like you

  9. I recently started loving Weddings but I'd still have a very small wedding. I don't like stress

  10. Small wedding is the best ... But will all the aso ebi my mum has bought be for nothing?

  11. My trad wedding was normal like every other Yoruba wedding, the difference is I didn't do trad decor. Lolz at least that's the difference

  12. Yeah it is true that weddings are quite boring until some unique arrangements are done. In my wedding I’ll hire a music band for live performances. Currently I am busy in searching for some good wedding halls in Los Angeles. Once I’m done with it I’ll look for the best music bands.


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