A latecomer's note

  Good morning,good afternoon and good night people of God(as the case may be , shey e wa alright?...am typing this in church right now, I totally missed half of the mass... I came in right on time for the sermon. Am proud to say I actually listened to the sermon and it's not just because the reverend father is fineeeee( that might be the major reason but its not the only reason)
  Am an habitual latecomer, I want to change, no! I need to change. Its been 3 years and I have not done my health center registration( I was supposed to do it in part 1 but...). The first stage to stopping procrastination is to stop giving reasons why i have not accomplished my task. I hope to do it next semester: unfailingly.
    Still on the latecomer note, I totally staled till the pvc(permanent voter card) registration ended, on my honour, I thought it would last forever(not forever but at least for a while.
       The latest fail on my path: I missed out on the final year accommodation. Accommodation is exhausted and while everyone I know has gotten space am still waiting for second bash.( It a very sad situation) I stay in a private hostel but who doesn't like awoof? ... Now I would have to implement plan B ( pray about it when the holy sacrament is around, or go and cry in the grotto. It works for me, always)
     That would be all for my latecomer tales, and yea! A big shout out to my brother MAYORVELI, even though you can be insensitive at times, I still love you, Happy birthday.
   Have a nice sunday guys, and have the nicest week.  


  1. happy sunday to u too dear. May God take away the spirit of late-coming from your side. Amen. lol.


  2. Tnx for the prayer pamela... Have a nice week

  3. Lol you're a chronic late Comer. Don't worry you'll outgrow it one way or the other. Happy birthday to your brother

  4. Maybe when I start working ... No company or boss would stand d late coming

  5. Mehhn I also got that late coming problem ....but working on going back to what it used to be ..

  6. That's nice chigozie, it can only get better

  7. Don't wait to start work to outgrow late coming o... It won't work and you will hate yourself the more. Start working on it now; I am working on mine too (you are not the only one dear) ***smiles***


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