Life of a stranger: letter to my mother

Mother its been so long since I last saw you,so long I saw your beautiful face. I have been experiencing the longest day of my life, sometimes I pray they go faster, must times I wait patiently for it to pass. I miss you giving spirit, I even miss the whipping I get from father, I miss the love at home.
  I heard the whole world is searching for me and my friends, I even heard a year has passed. It doesn't seem like a year here,the days last longer.
    I wish I was more athletic mum, I wish I could run, or jump off a speeding vehicle, I wish I had the courage to take my own life. But I can't run, am not athletics, I can't jump, the car moved too fast. I can't take my own life, because I don't have much of that left.
     I die every night the men come to have canal knowledge of me, my little garden has been destroy, my little garden where I once planted hope, love and joy.
    Despite all the beating, punishment and rape, they say am one of the lucky ones, at least I was not buried alive will my head facing the sun, then stoned till I loose my breath like Aisha. Am I the lucky one mother, or would I be better of dead? I would take any other fate that the one that destiny has dealt me.
      Am barely 18 but I have the gait of an old woman, my legs won't close again, and my stench I can't stand. It's vesicovaginal Fistula, I know that's what I have, I have read it in the papers, I just never thought such would be my lot.
    The men have stop coming mum, I smell bad but I am experienced the same symptoms fatima showed before her stomach began to grow nine months ago, they say I would have a baby. Mother I don't want to, am just a child, your child.
      I hear the search is still on going, but my prayers have stopped,the fire of hope has been extinguished, I don't want to be found. Am too far gone!

    Your Daughter


  1. Truly sad, what young women have to go through. Hopefully the others would be found and re-united with their families.

  2. Echoes from ...sambisa.. The end wishes of habiba

  3. So touching!

  4. I pray they are found soon, cnt just imagine wat they are going tru. God protect them.

  5. It is well.

  6. Sobs. ..this is so unfair.
    God please intervene

  7. Awww how sad..really touching..i pray they get reunited again

  8. This is such a sad piece. My heart goes out to all the abducted girls and their families. May they be reconciled soonest. Amen

  9. ...and all she wants is to be a girls again.

  10. WOW! This got me Fisayo it got me bad bad!! Wow! Just wow! You know yeah.. This could be it! This could be a description of what those children have/had :( to go through! This could be the result of a failed Security in a Nation with so much promise.. yet zero Administrative structure. This could be it Fisayo.

    If i tell you my darling that this post diNNor get me eh! then lemme be the LIAR here. WOW! You are gifted Fisayo! you are not confused like me.. You are Talented. Blessings!


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