Happy new month darlings, I pray the new month brings all the good things you wish for. Nigerians how are u coping with the fuel crisis? Am not finding it funny at all,their is no light in my area and the fuel is not just so expensive(350 naira per litre in the black market) but scarce therefore no generator to substitute for the PHCN power. I apologise for been MIA, it was as a result of situation beyond my power. Let me get to today's post.
    Early this morning,about 4am when I just started enjoying my sleep. My mum came to my room(I knew she wanted to start her sermon, but the topic of today's word was still a mystery to me).she sat down on the bed(the sound of the door woke me)then she started.
Mom:how was your night
I: it was fine(yawning)
Mom: woo(look) what your elder brother told you the other day is no joke.( My brother asked if he should help me get a boyfriend)
I: Ehn!
Mom: eehn... Is their no one you are dating in school? Do you think you would just get a husband when you graduate?
I :( covered my head with my duvet and started snoring)
        Can you imagine? Just four months ago she would have killed me if I bring a guy home(figuratively). Now she is talking about husband. Husband!
      Have you guys heard of string theory? Not physics string theory, relationship. I got this explanation from a picture " when they get your attention,and you start a 'relationship' of some sort, they keep using phrases like 'I like you' 'I miss you' ' I want you' but then they never really define the relationship and they refer to you as a very good friend, they never offer sex and they don't take it off the table. They give you optimum attention: not too much to get you thinking,but enough to get you interested, they plan a future with you in it but they never tell you your role... If you fit the bill. Am sorry, BUT YOU HAVE BEEN STRINGED. "
   I can relate with everything above. If it is a FWB situation it would be cool, but this situation is more psychological than physical. I know we ain't dating, but it seems like we are dating, because you don't get closer than we are. Its a kind of emotional purgatory( we are neither here or there).
     How do I get my mom off my back? She won't understand the situation. 


  1. Lol at least your mother is telling you on time. Most times parents wait till you're out of uni then expect husband to jump on you.


  2. Hahaahaha. Mum's can be funny. Don't worry, she'll get off ur back soon. Just tell her that you are praying about it cos u don't want to make any mistakes, that she should pray for you too. Lolz.


  3. She is telling me way too early molola.

  4. That sound like a good idea,but my mum will not fall for that @ pamela

  5. 4am...woa she must mean business. Not to worry...It will happen, but it must be on your own terms, at your own time -I'm sure your mum will understand that.

  6. I bet she would thanks for d comment blogoratti


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