In which I had a close shave with death

 Good morning, good afternoon and good night( you can only choose one salutation). How una dey. Am very sorry for not posting anything, am trying to get my vibe back. Today post is about what happened to me on the way home from work yesterday.

   I actually started writing this yesterday, but I was not able to save it on my phone. One bus driver almost pour "sand sand" inside my mother "garri".
 After I closed the store, I had this terrible stomach ache, all through the drive home, all that was on my mind is how we would get home earlier than normal.
    The journey actually got longer, my mum was tailing an heavy duty vehicle(caterpillar) carry timber of wood. The only thing on my mind while we tailed this vehicle is "Final Destination 2 "(the movie)am very afraid of big vehicles, if I was given a free jeep, I would reject it . My mum found another route, and we got to the free way, we were almost home.
                   *               *               *
  I was absence for about 1minute after the school bus almost chopped off half of my body... I was alive and dead at the same time, I was paralyzed by shock, my mum couldn't even say a word(and she is not quiet, I expected to hear her say some invective words but she said nothing. I was looking into the space, thinking about what would have happen if the bus got close than it did, my parents, my siblings, my friends, my dreams( I have not even done anything yet).
     For as long as I have lived I have never really though about dying( I was not scared of dead until yesterday) it was like my life went off for a minutes, I could feel the light go off. Nothing else mattered, I was fine all of a sudden.
    When you find out how easy people die, you would appreciate your life. I cannot write anything about the accident( because I was absent when it happened, I can't just remember anything.)
    I live in the land of crazy road users.

PS: to make the blog fun, I have decide to do some pictorial on simple sewing diy( I would start that as soon as I get my new phone). I also have plans to design the blog( I need a web designer or an how to. This present template was done on my little blackberry(now you no why its wack). Please suggest DIY ideas you want to know about but haven't laid your hands on.

PS: thanks for visiting the blog, you inspire me to be better. I love you all.


  1. Thank God for life. I can't count how many times I have a close shave with death everyday. Lagos drivers are very reckless. I always get home feeling older than my age. All the best dear, can't wait!

  2. What a story, my goodness. Good to know you are alright. Best wishes!

  3. Tnx molola . God would continue to save us... You won't regret waiting

  4. Thank God for your life dear. God bless.

  5. Beautiful write up. Thank God for your life. Nice blog

  6. Beautiful write up. Thank God for your life. Nice blog

  7. Thank God for the testimony. God is sure taking you to greater Heights.

  8. stand firm he already sees the the rainbow in your eyes ... I wish you well.....

  9. Wow...thank God for saving your life..hope you doing great now..

  10. My dear, you still have a whole to fulfill in life, so nothing is going to happen to you yet. Thank God you are alive to do this post.

    On how to make the blog beautiful, just play with templates, you will be surprised.

  11. Thank God for your life dear, the sky is your starting point.

  12. Thank God for your life dear, the sky is your starting point.

  13. Thank God for Keeping you to see another dream visualise. I can relate to your story. Tho mine was sickness. But I thank God for Life!

  14. It's great post! Thanks for sharing!


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