Social entrapment anyone?

  Been kinda ill lately, been having those days when I just want to sleep in and eat to my heart's content. Days when I want to hang a sign at my door that reads:
   " before you knock ask yourself these questions,
(1) do you have an appointment
(2) Would I be happy to see you
(3) Is your visit really important? Visit only when its an emergency."
    But since I don't have a "do not knock" sign up yet, I would have to make do with not answering the door. Bite me if you just found out I was in the whole time while you knocked for over thirty minutes. I just don't want to be trapped in conversations I wouldn't know how to escape from. Don't get me wrong, I love to talk, A lot! But everyone has those days and for me its everyday, so forgive me!
 Check out four levels of social entrapment
Level 1( meeting people that you are kind of friends with)
 You know that person that you know one or two things about right?... But you meet them and you can't just ignore them but you know less than enough to hold up a decent conversation with them. So when you meet the best you can do before you wish you just drop dead is talk for about 2 seconds. Then you start planning your exit which would really be awkward for both of you. Until the situation get so bad you have to end it on a very rude note. You don't care if it end badly or not. Make it stop!

Level 2( meeting friends at stores)
 Maybe you go to the groceries store or supermarket and you meet that friend over 3 times within the space of 15 minutes. First meeting you exchange pleasantries and acknowledge the fact that you both came to shop. Second meeting the same cycle of trying to figure out what to say and not say goes on again. At another meeting you try to joke about the situation at hand, finally you get tired of greeting you just pretend you don't know them again.
Level 3( Trap)
Imagine you are at a restaurant trying to get a little me time, and food in your stomach, then all of a sudden the daughter of the wife of your first cousin's son's father suddenly spot you and decide there and then to hold a conversation with you on how to gain a weight because according to her you are too skinny to be a part of the family. You don't even have a say in the conversation but its just plain rude to walk out on anyone and she is family. But it gets worse because every time she sees you the circle goes on over again and over again because you didn't grow fat since the last time you met her and she just needs to lecture on the danger of anorexia again.

Level 4( special house visits)
 So its been a long day, a lot of work and you just want to eat and fall into deep slumber. But this type of visitors are like terrorist, they catch you unaware and the visit would be followed with your smile been turned upside down. Now this guys knocks on your door and ask if u can come in. " Hey pheezy, I was just in the neighbourhood and I thought it would be cool to come check on you". Dude really, you don't just check up on people unannounced, its rude, what if I was not home, what if I don't let you in?... Now you can tell him you want to go somewhere but that means you have to switch off the light all through the night.
   This level is the grand daddy of levels because you can't just run out of you house because he wouldn't take a cue and leave.

 So what's your take on today's post? Now let us all hope I get better by tomorrow.


  1. Lolz funny but so true.. Please get and feel better now..

  2. Those type of visits without prior notice is the one i hate the most...because there r times you just want to b indoors alone

  3. Get well real quick dear. Been wondering where you went. Back then in school, I never answer the door if I'm not expecting anyone. My close friends don't bother knocking, they just shoot my name so I know it's them. Lol. Nice post dear

  4. Uhhhhh you dare not come to my house without calling me....and if you call me and I don't answer doesn't mean you can come.....cuz if you come, I could tell the guards not to let you into the building...really simple.

    Feel better mami.

  5. Get well soon Prior invitation to one before coming to their house is important

  6. This is so hilarious Pheezy.. Get well soon..

  7. wow so hilarious indeed get better soon dear

  8. Hhahahaha....level four got me rolling. I Think we are all guilty

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  10. this article is very interesting though very funny


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