Life of a stranger : Addiction

 You see I have seen a lot of movies, most of them I watch in quarter of the viewing time, I have always been in a race, I try to do a lot of thing at once, try to read a lot of books at once, I even grew up faster than I should, I have done a lot of things am not supposed to have done yet, I have far more experience than my senior folks in explicit situation, at a time in my life I was on a roll, I dated more than 10 guys within the space of 5 years and have heard sex with over 30 guys also within the same time bracket.
I am not a prostitute, I just enjoy sex, good sex , am one of those girls that have a boyfriend then about 3 other guys servicing my engine. For me sex is special, and I always make sure I enjoy it, with anyone I choose to have it with, bad sex is a no no, God forbid I get married to a man who is bad in bed.
    My addiction to sex started at a very early stage in my life, the first time I was about 5years old, uncle john had come to pick me from school as usually, mummy could not make it. Uncle john is mr Adu's driver( mr adu was mummy new boyfriend) they come and go so fast, one even forgets to learn their names.
     My Adu was however constant, at least till mum found out uncle john touches me and tells me not to tell anyone.
    Soon I was carted off to d boarding house, it was a girl only christian school or so I was told! My sexual adventure with senior Evi was more fun, she was as nice as nice could be, pampered me, she even had my back when pouty mouth Busola called me lesbian!. But soon senior Evi graduated and I was left to my devices.
     I found out I was not a lesbian when I met tony, I was just 'bi-curious'. Sex with him was fun, but I wanted more than boring, conventional sex. Sex with him moved from been painfully fun to be a routine, just something we had to do. But I had tasted the forbidding fruit but unlike Adam and Eve, I didn't feel naked, I saw the light, I was enlighten, I was having the time of my life.
     Its been 20years,have lost count of the men, 3 abortion( abortion I did most time because am not sure who the father of the baby am carrying is),1 girl, 3 rapes, scandals and now I have finally come to the conclusion that I need help, I need to get out before I die in this pit, I need to be called home because its cold outside.


  1. Babe there's only prodigal sons no prodigal daughters. I have a feeling that you deliberately lived the bad life..

  2. Like seriously..pls tell m this is just a fiction of one's thought

  3. Its not fiction, its actually based on a true story and its worse

  4. Get help please. God help you . Boyode dear, waddup?

  5. Pheezy, like seriously?
    She may have concluded she needs help, but is that her final conclusion? If yes, then she is on her way to finding it ...But ultimately, true help comes from the Lord; she should seek him.

  6. Seriously... Okay, I dont judge.


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