How often do you go for medical check ups?

  Good morning afternoon and night people of God. How una dey, shey wa alright. If you are reading this that means you survived monday. Yea! My mondays this semester would all be lazy mondays( on lecture basics) I have just one lecture from 11-12 every monday. My lecturer however decided not to come for the lecture, so the time was used for photo shoot( trust girls to always bring out the model in them at every opportunity they get) I took the opportunity to take a picture of me too( am not very proud of it, but it had to be done).
 Actually monday was supposed to be the day I update my health check up. D last time I did one was when I wanted to go to the boarding house( over 12years ago/ am feeling old) and the check up was sham because I did just blood group and genotype( aint nobody gat time for a bunch of tests) even though I did just two of over 20 test I was certified okay(perks of been the child of a health worker)I would however find out it its a con after I conclude my test by the end of this week.
     Apart from the fact that I feel like Mohammad Ali have specially asked that my head be kept in a punching bag for his punching pleasure. I think its time I complain about my nagging stomach problem to the doctor. In the process answering every embarrassing question he would ask.
" Are u sexually active?
" When was the last time you saw your menses?
" Do you experience painful sex?(he actually used a different word but I don't know how to spell that."

I have decided not to feel embarrassed since my medical student friend asked me how I think a deeper life doctor would feel asking me about the last time I had sex and how he feels probing me. Personally I don't care how a medical doctor feel after asking me personal questions. The annoying part is that of the flock of medical student that come around to feast their eyes on you like a trophy wife.
   After my new medical student friend told me the severity of hiding my stomach problem for over 7 years . Without wasting time in naming the problem that might take seven years to get to its peaks! I have decide to do every test humanly possible.
   I would updates you on the outcome of my test result as soon as I am opportuned to do them.

P.S: thanks to everyone that wished me well yesterday. I am better, much better. So guys how often do you go for medical check up.


  1. I rarely visit the hospital not untill when i first year in school and my service year..honestly going for checkup is good

  2. Nice one health is wealth so its necessary we pay attention to our health..

  3. **covers face** Sometimes I get so busy that I don't even bother to...buh I take vitamins a lot....Grrr....I only go to the hospital when I am really sick..

  4. Same as me Tibs, I only visit d hospital wen d sickness is pressing. God save me.

  5. I rarelyvisit the hospital too, except when am sick, test???? can remember d last time i did that

  6. Like my little sibling will say, 'it's not my thing'. In fact I sick sef. And it's try and error drugs I take. Bad I know

  7. I hate hospitals. Only go when it is unavoidable. Hope you are well and kicking now. Let's see the picture now

  8. Lol! It's O.K. I trust girls a lot to avoid going for tests. That's understandable because they hate the truth


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