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   Okay!so am here to rant, that's the reason why I didn't offer any form of salutation. So have been ill for a while now, missed a lot of classes( now I have friends that attend the same class) but non, like non has come to visit me. Common have missed lectures for like 5 days, that's a week in the school system and nobody bother to call. Really! Am not a very nice person but mtn has a call rate that is like 3kobo per second. With how ill I am I can only talk on the phone for about 30 second. Now how much is 90kobo that you can't use it to call a "friend"? And the friend is in quote because I don't really know what friendship is in the 21st century. Most peoples best friends are their gadget. You know all those stuffs that in 10 years would be mechanical waste according to my father(who I have not called in weeks by the way)I make sure i call him as soon as possible. At least to collect my allowance. My best friend most of the time is my shitty phone, the only reason I don't blame my fucktard friends(excuse my french) for not calling or flashing or texting or going back in time to send me a call me back message on MTN's purse(am sure they won't mind) now am starting to consider MTN a very good friend, they have been sending me both cool and stupid messages, I have learnt to accept the cool ones and totally ignore the stupid ones.

Now I can only wait for a miracle to bring my friends around, I know they might not miss the package but the should at least miss the mouth on it.
    Even if we are not friend the lest you can do is call back when a friend calls you and you were not with the phone. What if something terrible happened to me?
    So I guess that's all I would be ranting about. My laptop that is sent from hell is making my temperature rise higher than an active volcano

PS: ignore all the terrible grammar and punctuation in the post. Am not related to google for the love of friend potatoes.
Another PS: Peace out to everyone, and shout out to all my friend-enemies, I love you all the same, am not jesus but I still do, I don't know about next time anyway.
I don't know what PS really means. But its popular so am following the majority to do evil. Pls people of God what does it mean????    


  1. Lol...thosbe your friends need serious flogging...dnt worry they will come around..hope you better now..


  2. Not better... I would go home for better treatment today

  3. Not better... I would go home for better treatment today

  4. Lol funny my sister asked me what PS means too. I'm too lazy to ask Google I sha know it means "note". But your friends no try at all oh ahnan

  5. I ain't gonna blame yr friends, am sure you have also not made yourself friendly enough too.. Please health is wealth give yours number one priority..


  6. So nobody knows the meaning of PS?

  7. Seriously... You are a drama queen for real. I just tot writing a post on friendship in the 21st century after even seeing this Wedding Ringer movie. Now everybody just dey do me, myself and I. But sure you are good now. Anyways PS I think means Please See. Correct me if I'm wrong ooo.


  8. You should have become an actress

  9. hope you fine! thats friends for you.i dont bother keeping friends anymore,its not worth it

  10. It's really hard to find true friends these days.

  11. A world without love sigh!


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