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     Holla everyone, I know have been away for a long time, I have been very busy, I have been trying to get me a project topic for over two weeks(like who does it take two weeks to get project topic abi?). I actually have an idea of what I want to do but I haven't framed the topic yet. I want to do something on RITUALIZED PEDIATRIC, I too like winchi winchi things.
Big shout out to everyone who reached out to me, love you all. Back to my topic now. I have been scared of going out at night lately. I know its not really cool to just walk about aimlessly at night, but to go from my house an buy something outside is wahala. If I could lock my body somewhere and send my soul on errand I would. I can't even allow anyone to walk at my back again o. Pls let us walk on the same vertical line( I don't like surprises), I cannot allow anyone to use my chocolate skin to pound black soap. Me am not just talking anyhow ... Am sure you must have read about the three guys that kidnapped a girl.
     Let me fill you in on what I know about the gist. Apparently those guys kidnapped d second school girl on her way from school and kept her in the trunk of the car they drove( this girl is actually bigger than me in stature, y'all know am small now). You now know my fear on walking at night abi? Apart from the fact that the girl is bigger than me , I know two of the guys that kidnapped the girl. We are not very good friends but at least hello hi. But when I first saw this guys me I denied knowing them o... GOD punish DEVIL in all our lives. One quick question abeg if it was you would you claim them as your friends? At first I actually wanted to see the picture because I might see my enemies there but when I eventually saw the picture n they turned out to be friends, it was not funny. I couldn't just imagine how their mother would feel, I even heard the poor women where detained... Any ways that what's up. 


  1. What a pity.. Girls are always the victim..
    Hope you are having headway with your project?

  2. God save us all from evil people. My dear, no be small winchi winchi topic oo. Success in your project.

  3. Thanks gloria and pamela have the nicest sunday

  4. Huh! Did you say your own denial will not have part two..i too i hate walking at always concious of people that walk behind me..

  5. That's a sad story. Take good care and best wishes!

  6. Hi...I was lost in the level of creativity in your blog. It speaks your kind of person. Happy, cool and fun to be with!

    My dear, sha please don't even come close to the hundredth persons that know those guys. Kidnapping is tantamount to raping, money ritual and all that. Before police will be looking for the last people they said hi to. Best of luck in your project!

  7. Lot of strange things happening. The rate of kidnapping is so high and alarming

  8. That is life as it is


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