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This is my biro after my last paper

This is something a classmate wrote about the books we treated this semester (it's super cool, you would find it the same way if you have come across any of the books mentioned) it was written with the name of the courses, the title of d books, settings, characters, the lecturer, and a couple of my class mates.

In a brief sojourn on the island of LIT 401, A PASSAGE TO INDIA marked the genesis of our journey, a place where we met the untouchable himself, Punkah Wallah who gave each and everyone of us a copy of a book titled THE AUTUMN OF THE PATRIARCH. Dr. Aziz, Adela and Major Callender, took us to the Marabar caves, a place we saw first wonder on earth. What did we see? Our Morenas in the land of LIT 401 (Tayo, Dolapo, Yejide, Adeolas and others} were the first set of people that saw the wonder. They all came us shouting “THE GRASS IS SINGING” come and see. We couldn’t believe our ears until we got there. It was truly a cynosure of all eyes. As a result of this wonderful experience, each and everyone of us wrote SO LONG A LETTER to our loved ones. We all enjoyed at Ayemenem where THE GOD OF SMALL THING punished law breakers. We spent wonderful moments with Pappachi, Mammachi, Chacko , Ammu, Velutha, Baby Kochamma,  Estha and Rahel. In fact, Estha and Rahel taught us new style. I want to believe we still remember the style. Thanks to Dr. Ogunfolabi. If I had not gone to Ayemenem, I would not have met my soul mate, Baby Kochamma. Since she could not marry Father Mulligan, she has agreed to be my  would be wife. You are all cordially invited to a small party to mark the dawn of our undying and unfading love.  
Our journey to the Island of LIT 403 was an interesting one. We had the opportunity of visiting Greece, Rome, Spain, England, Africa, and Germany. The first place we visited was Greece, where we met a woman called ANTIGONE, who introduced LYSISTRATA, her best friend to us. The duo took good care of us; we ate, we drank .The journey became more interesting when we got to England where we met A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS called JULIUS CAESAR. It was this man who brought a man called SCAPIN THE SCHEMER; a prankster, to entertain us with jokes. This man really played pranks on every one of us before we left England. It was this same man who took us to a place called CAUCASIAN CHALK CIRCLE where we watched two interesting movies: END GAME and A PLAY OF GIANTS. They say: “the end is the end of a play.” None of us wanted to come back home. In fact, some of us wanted to stay with Scapin.  Exam is just for a short period,but it requires efforts of many days and months It involves tension,worries,efforts and sleepless nights. We are now free guys and gals . Unto the almighty God we return all glory and adoration. May Eportal smile at us when our results are released. Amen.


  1. Lmao.., see the way you ate your biro cover ... I pray you come out with flying color

    Glowyshoe blog

  2. Whoever that composed this is creative..

  3. A great piece, all the very best!

  4. Haha...pheezy you 'is' a case. Why did you destroy your pen nau? All the best
    Nma's Blog 

  5. Choi, the image above reminds me of my days in Law school

    Thank you God, I scaled through.

  6. I really got lost with all those names....but I know The Man for All Seasons. How I love Literature

    I wish you the best dear

  7. I used to have a friend that loved to eat her pen, pencil and even chalk. It was a terrible bad habit of hers..kai.
    Hope your exams went well?


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