Some cool apps I use

Blogger... I downloaded this app July. I used it often for a while until it suddenly stop working properly. I would like to believe it's the network connection at my side.  You can use it if your blog is still under blogger. 

Blogaway is also a blogging app.  However it has more functions than the official blogger app. It's very easy to upload pictures and videos and use links in post.  It also has provisions for reading list and you can save a post without necessarily saving it online.
Brick game.
You could not stop smiling when I saw the game for the first time... It's an epic throwback.  The downside is the games are not complete but it's super cool.

Cooking fever : the game is the new candy crush if you ask. Very addictive, it's however a little bit expensive to play but I have my way of making things easier

Clash of King: a castle, a Kingdom and real life players.... You would need Internet connection to play the game.

Campus crush: I had to settle with this version of the app instead of the original app(episodes) it's an interactive game book thing.  You get to determine the outcome of the story through what you choose and Wear.

Okada book : it's an online book store for African books mostly. Different contemporary African writers.  I especially love nollybooks... Their stories have very low chance of making you burst into tears(if you are emotional)

So this is my guilty pleasure.
Fashion design :it's a game where you get to design different dresses, for different occasions (you determine colour, pattern, decorations, print, textiles)

You cam makeup.... I just downloaded this app so it's still keeping me busy.... I did the make up below with the app.

Phonto : you can use it to put caption on pictures or just write words on a plane image.

Add watermark: it's allows but letter and image watermark...

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  1. What lovely tips. I've never tried using a blogging app before, and may well just try it sometime.

    1. They are actually nice if you ever want to blog with your phone

  2. I wil download the phonto, thank you. I Ave been looking for what app to use.

    1. Which of the phonto should I download?

    2. the logo is a red background with white "p" n pen

  3. Lemme download the You cam makeup, okada books and blog away. I have blogger on my phone but never used it since I blog from a system. Tried using it once tho but couldn't find my way around it.

    Thanks for sharing babe.

  4. Nice tips phonto here i come..

  5. Biko am downloading phonto straight away, probably add the blog away.

    lessons from the candy Crush game  

  6. i have once tried it, i just didnt gerrit..Am using webversion...Maybe i will retry it again..Thanks baby

    i loff this phonto

  7. I have some of the games on my android but got no clue how its been played.

  8. Wow! Thanks for sharing this really.

  9. Oh wow! I love the You cam makeup app.

    I need to get "Appy" I'm so backward when it comes to these things. Lol

  10. Babe, u are a life saver. U really don't know how uve helped me with this. Thanks a bunch.

  11. i need a new phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  12. Thanks a lot....will try the blogaway right away
    Nma's Blog 


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