Friday, 30 October 2015

Let's DIY

I have not made anything myself forever. I really envy does who have jobs, children, husband  and run a blog.  How do you manage to do all that together? But then again that's what being a woman is all about(you have to multi task). I lost every image on my phone including the pictorial I did but I refuse to let that stop me from doing a DIY post before the month ends.  As luck would have it I happen to have a couple(more than a couple actually) DIY pictures in my backup file related to my blog.  So I can rightly say Google saved the day.
 The first is a pearl, Bobby pin and string hair pin... It would give your hair that
sophisticated look.

 The second is a lace choker.  You can make it from trimmings and ribbon as in this particular tutorial or cut out of lace and frog hook.
 The third one is the simplest and it takes less time than the others..... You just need pearl strands... Long enough to go around your neck about two to three times without choking you (about three strands)  and a satin ribbon.


  1. Im so making the choker...Av always wanted one. Thanks for this.

  2. The pearl neck piece looks nice..will tey it out wen i have the chance

    Glowyshoe blog

  3. Team DIY.....

    Love the pearl too

  4. Thank you for sharing Fisayo!

    I love DIYs, this one looks pretty easy to follow:-)

  5. Wow thanks dear.. Will try out the pearl..

  6. Creativity at its peak.

  7. Love the pearl. Really nice job

  8. Love the pearl!

  9. I wish I could do it myself

  10. The Pearl necklace yess!! Gonna give it a try. Lovely blog you have.


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