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Holla everyone, how have you been? So I just got home from school yesterday. Should have been home two weeks ago but for my little fear of road transportation.  I become ill everytime I board a public vehicle.  At first I thought it was because of the comatose state of this medium of transportation, so I stopped boarding 'ugly'  vehicles but the witch mother kept giving birth to girls.
         The major reason I didn't want to go home goes beyond this public transport brouhaha but the fact that my has decided to rope me into this school administrator or supervisor or spy business.  Now am used to working when I get break from school.  I have been a sales rep, tailor's apprentice, fashion designer's intern, usher,  interior designer.  The good thing about all the other jobs is that people like me because of the kind of service I provide and because am nice sometimes.  Now the terrible thing about been a school administrator is that you have to be a critic.  Shine your eyes  and if you have have the slightest urge to close them glue them open. Who like to be the person coming when people scamper to their properly exaggerated proper position.
        Anyway u have some questions...  Please do well to answer them.
1) do you think it is right for a teacher to ask primary 4 pupils to spell ABORTION? If your answer to this question is yes.  How is he to define it for them or use it in a sentence.
2)what would be your reaction if you find out your daughter who you name "Awesome"  is called A_WE_SOR_MEY (yoruba pronunciation) by her class teacher.
3)for those who have kids did you you interview your kids teachers before putting your offspring in their care?
4) would you bring your kids to a school where they commanding officer is my age group?

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  1. This question too big for me. It's not bad asking a primary 4 pupil to spell Abortion. And tell them the correct meaning, you might be suprised they even know what it means, they see on TV, hear about it on radio and remember environment plays a vital role, let them know the dangers too. That’s my opinion

  2. OMG! I must never miss here for anything. Fisayo you funny die... You are the school admin now, you are in the position to know the answers

  3. School administrator oyah tell us o.. Technical questions..

  4. 1. Nothing is bad in even telling a two year old kid about abortion. You'd be surprised what these kids know. Instead of them learning it outside, I'd teach them.
    2. Please such a teacher should be sacked. The standard is falling, the standard is falling, yet teachers don't have a good command of English.
    3. I would interact with the teachers, not because of anything but the fact that I have to know the capabilities of the teacher. If the school deems them employable, I should give them the benefit of doubt until proven otherwise.
    4. Honestly, I won't. School administration is quite complex, besides how will you command respect from the staff??

    1. 100 Iikes. I adopt Amaka reasoning.


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