Monday, 19 October 2015

face of the week : Oluwande Olufunso

Holla, everybody so I have decided to bring in a little bit of order to this blog.  Starting today, I would follow a time table that I would post tomorrow God willing.  Every Monday would feature a blog reader. I would give out the details in my next post.  For now meet our first face of the week.    

        I'm Oluwande olufunso, I'm a student of obafemi awolowo university, my relationship status ;well...I'm not married . I'm a Christian, well concerning where I want to be in 5years, In five years I can see myself having many of my goals accomplished, if not accomplished,  I will be working on accomplishing those goals to fulfill my life, I know it’s not easy to know,  No one can predict his /her own future and no one exactly can tell what your life will look like in d next 5years , there’s a possibility that you will die or there’s a possibility that you will have your own family you just can’t tell. I hope my work help not just me but others as well.

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  1. Oluwande you are beautiful

  2. We that are not fine but want to feature nko?
    Fine girl

  3. Her number pls....that's most important. Pretty face.

  4. saheed welldone,na number you dey look for.

    she is pretty,i like her.lolz

  5. She is fine. Beautiful smile.

    Hi Pheezy!

  6. One word #.......

    *. appealing
    *. admirable
    *. beauteous
    *. charming
    *. classy
    *. dazzling
    *. delightful
    *. divine
    *. elegant
    *. enticing
    *. alluring
    *. exquisite
    *. excellent
    *. fair
    *. fascinating
    *. fine
    *. foxy
    *. good-looking
    *. grand
    *. lovely
    *. magnificent
    *. marvelous
    *. well-formed

    Did I just say 1 n mention above 1?.....

    Nee Imara mma/ Imaka......

  7. She prettteyyyy...cute

  8. Your blog reader is really pretty oh.
    So nice!

  9. Your blog reader is really pretty oh.
    So nice!

  10. Beautiful


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