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Hello loves, happy Sunday.  I no I am supposed to apologise for my disappearing act but am sure you are tired of my apologies by now.  Lemme just jump into today's post abeg.  To start with my title, It just felt like the right 'wrong'  one to use.  So I have been alive for a while and I have been taking decision for my self since I was in secondary school(I went to a boarding house). Now after making some decisions with objection for about 12 years without objection imagine my surprise when my father suddenly decrees I must be a Catholic.  Since when did the father's faith start saving the child?  I love the Catholic Church, I do but I also believe in making a path for myself.  I want to partake of the opium which religion but I want to take it in the best quality that is good for me. Now how do I say this to my very traditional father who believe every objection to his rule will bring you to your ruin.  Now I would like to honour my parents, do the will of God and also follow my heart(there in lies the problem) do I then go back to take catechism class with primary school pupils or do I continue attending my present church.?
      Do you think I am supposed to attend my parents church whether I like it or not?

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  1. Make him see reasons with u dts all.... Religion is a way not jst a choice... Happy sudnay.

  2. I ve been here before. Our parents are too impulsive. Obey first before complain. Talk to him about it let him see reason although he would likely object but keep talking lol that's wat I did anyway I hope it works for you and yea ur makeup is lovely especially the eye region.

  3. Follow ur hrt

  4. Once you have attained adulthood, those decisions should be solely yours not imposed..

  5. I'm not cool with the "do I have to take catechism class with primary school children" line.
    Even the holy book says we should be as little kids... He that is down.... Xx

  6. You are an adult, you should be able to decide for yourself. Parents can be funny, they like to impose rules

  7. Okay! lemme try to say this in the most Subtle and yet Direct way possible... So: YES I THINK YOU SHOULD DO AS YOUR FATHER ASKS...

    Maybe its cause to me yeah.. my father is god.. But the truth is that i for one think that it is imperative that we give our Folks the Respect they deserve by honoring their instructions and request.. maybe not all baby mi.. But at least a distinct few close to their heart.. Think about it.. he pays your fees, feeds and then harbors you.,.

    While I totally understand that we are at the phase of our life when we want to Argue and all.. HELL! I did it with Dad last night cause i felt one kain.. But on the long Run ehn Nne.. Even if it isnt what our heart really wants that they ask of us. Then do it for him.. Plus hey! how many minutes are you home ni before the holidays are over?! So why not be Catholic at Home and be Your own Church at Uni..

    Please Think about it Fisayo toh Fine.. Nne.. I think.. Hell! No I KNOW!!! He deserves that much Respect...

    Cheers Bubba.. :)

  8. Hmmmmm...biko follow thy heart for it is written not a particular church that will take u to heaven

  9. I think you should do what God wants you to do but you have to remain respectful of your parents. This is a tough one but I believe that God can help you find the right balance.


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